The Importance of Website Themes & Website Maintenance

Before we discuss Website Themes & Website Maintenance let’s mention the basics. When setting up a website you need a concept, hosting, wire...

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Before we discuss Website Themes & Website Maintenance let’s mention the basics. When setting up a website you need a concept, hosting, wireframes, content and so on. Once the basics are complete, then you have to put it all together in a visually pleasing way. While also placing importance in back-end aspects like functionality and responsiveness.

Website themes allow you to take care of the front-end aspects easily. Website maintenance on the other hand takes care of the back-end. These two forces may come in opposite ends of the web development process, but they compliment each other perfectly. You may think that any theme can do the trick and that maintenance is nonessential, however that can’t be farther from the truth.

A website is a critical part of a successful business these days. It represents your brand, attracts customers, helps sell services and products and can even be used to expand your reach globally. With such an important part of your business you can’t afford to cut corners.

In order for a website to be effective and garner maximum benefits it needs to be attractive, user-friendly, constantly updated/monitored, secure and free of technical problems. That means a theme and maintenance are quite important for a successful end goal.

Why website themes?

In order to attract and retain visitors, it is immensely essential that the look and feel of your website represents your brand image in relation to high-quality work. For example, a website that meets branding guidelines through out every page looks more professional and thought out, then one that’s all over the place. Unless your brand requires pages and fonts to look completely different, then you should steer clear of that.

A website theme helps you keep the design, content and feel consistent throughout. Technically, a website theme determines the font styles and sizes, color schemes as well as aesthetics of the site. However, there are a lot of options available to you when you’re building the theme.

For example, you can have different layouts, customize the typography and change the color scheme. Also, most themes are mobile-friendly or completely responsive which is always a plus. You won’t have to worry about making every element user-friendly on all devices, the right theme can do that automatically. 

Overall a website theme will provide visitors with a look into your business, that if chosen correctly, can empower your business. A website may contain exceptional content and may look good too but unless and until it fulfills the requirements and interests of the visitors, there will be no gain from it. So, make sure you choose your theme wisely, most themes even offer different layouts that correspond to different business styles. Such as a portfolio layout for a photographer’s personal site or clean cut designs for a corporate site. 

Websites like Themeforest have varied options of themes for all kinds of businesses, but in case you don’t which to go with it’s best to consider these theme must-haves before making your final choice.

Why website maintenance?

Once your theme is chosen, set up and your site complete, you’re far from done. Anything can still go wrong if you don’t take care of your website. If you don’t have website maintenance, then it can be assumed that you don’t take your business serious enough.

Believe it or not, your visitors will notice it too one way or another. Websites lose dependability when they aren’t secure, updated or maintained. User experience immediately starts to suffer and that will surely affect the success of your business in the long term.

In order to better represent the importance of Website maintenance I divided it into 3 categories:

  1. Website Backup:

A website backup is a snapshot of all the essential components of your website. One aspect of managing your business’ risks effectively and keeping your data safe is ensuring that you do regular backups and know how to restore everything without fail.

  1. Website Security:

Unfortunately, websites are prone to security risks no matter what and so are all the networks that web servers are connected to. Thus, for an online business, website security is absolutely not negotiable and must be undertaken at any cost. Not only will it protect your data, but it will protect your customer’s data as well. This is especially crucial for ecommerce and membership sites that require customers to give their private information online.

  1. Website Monitoring:

This is important for various reasons. Website monitoring and other analytical tools offer crucial business insights such as site performance by providing data on the visitors who visit the website.

Depending upon the platform you are using, there are other various maintenance tasks like developing sitemaps, fixing functionality issues, offering 24/7 support and so much more.

Design & Maintain Your Website with Iblesoft

Your website’s design is just as important as its maintenance, irrespective of the size or the nature of your business.  A well designed and maintained website helps attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

SEO-friendly themes and regular maintenance is also critical for search-engine ranking. Websites with old content appear lower in search engine listings. While poorly maintained websites with lots of errors project a bad corporate image. It’s clear how such factors can cause a decline in business over time. Don’t put your business at a disadvantage when it’s not necessary.

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