The Benefits of Integrating Your App Into Your Marketing Strategy

A huge business advantage of a mobile app is brand exposure. Your customers have a way to see and use your brand consistently, everywhere they go, reg...

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A huge business advantage of a mobile app is brand exposure. Your customers have a way to see and use your brand consistently, everywhere they go, regardless if its a game app or a shopping app. On top of that you have access to user analytics and control over brand image. However, if you already have a mobile app or are working on building one, you need to know what you can gain from integrating it with your existing marketing strategy.

Think about what role will the app play in order to gain customers or grow your current customer base. Remember that your mobile app is an investment and should be treated as such.

If you integrate it effectively into your marketing strategy, then you’re setting yourself up for a higher ROI.

So, here are 5 benefits of Integrating Your App Into Your Marketing Strategy to get the best ROI.


Mobile app rewards or referral programs give customers incentives to actually download, use and even recommend your app. Even though app store rankings depend on downloads, there is a lot more to having a successful app marketing campaign than downloads. Many users simply download an app without making an effort to run it or interact with it often.

Building a loyal user base that constantly interacts with your app can be more valuable than unused downloads. Loyal users are the ones who at the end of the day determine the future of your mobile app. By updating the app with different marketing incentives you are also showing your customers that you care about them. While also giving them a reason to refer your app. 


The larger the company, the more brand aspects it has. Meaning that more people want their voices heard while devising its marketing strategy. In this case devising the mobile marketing strategy. This can help direct everyone’s creative input through a new platform to reach and market customers. 


A study conducted by Leanplum (an American Software company) in 2015 on 671 million notifications sent revealed that over 63% of companies send their marketing messages at the wrong time. Such inconvenience can prevent any company from achieving its greatest potential.

With an app you can avoid that inconvenience because your messages can only be seen when customers use your app, which is convenient for them as well. Therefore, app content and its performance is critical because it reflects the company’s attitude towards its customer and vice versa. Any avenue or message that you choose to interact with customers will reflect on your brand image.

So, while you need to adapt to the platforms and technology of your users, you also need to protect your image while doing so. This goes back to the previous point. If your marketing team can effectively direct their creative ideas, then you can use your app to build a strong brand image.


The best way to promote your app is to create a community network wherein the customers can share opinions, tips, ask for help or simply communicate with the company directly. For marketers, this type of network is high significant. But even more so is that unlike other platforms, you have full control of your app. Your marketing strategy can then become more personalized and better targeted.


Aside from having a platform with consistent customer connection you have to respond to their feedback. You can do so through updates, new discounts, product releases or new sections of your app. By creating that connection with your customers you can eventually build a long term relationship with them that goes beyond the app.

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