A Guide for Choosing the Right Magento Technical Partner

In today’s fast-paced world driven by technology, having a technical partner is the best bet for businesses because they help you with: Parallel Innov...

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In today’s fast-paced world driven by technology, having a technical partner is the best bet for businesses because they help you with:

  • Parallel Innovation
  • External Benchmarking
  • Innovative Development
  • Refining Products
  • Business Growth
  • Engaging Customers

However, there are 3 major challenges that come up when finding the right technical partner.

Strategic Challenge:

Any launch of new products and its marketing requires lot of planning and a go to market strategy implementation.

Yet, most business owners ignore this vital step and proceed to strategic execution right away because they’d like to start generating revenue as soon as possible. Although that may seem reasonable, there are certain things that need consideration before and after selling a product.

A strong backend strategy needs to be in place in order to successfully fulfill orders on the frontend. That type of strategy might turn from simple to complicated in no time.

By taking on a Magento technical partner you have access to knowledge about industry practices and domains, including specific domain problems and unlimited post development support.

But that means finding a partner with such expertise. You need such expertise on your side you can avoid backend issues and have a market strategy that goes beyond a sale.

Operational Challenge:

The most common Magento operational challenges involve neglecting best industry practices and intrinsic factors such as:

  • Planning related to time and cost
  • Proper resource allocation
  • Quality process management
  • Operational efficiency
  • Scalability

Nowadays a business problem seems to have a business solution thanks to evolving technology. Therefore, these type of operational challenges can be overcome through the proper technology.

But, those tech solutions need people that know how to use it to its full potential. That’s when finding the right technical partner can get really tricky.

Technical Challenge:

Many development companies that offer partnership try to convince clients to work with technologies that they have strong expertise on and as a result misguide clients into adopting irrelevant technologies.

The output of irrelevant technologies is catastrophic. Not only can it dilute reputation and product delivery of the client. It can also:

  • Double expenditures
  • Escalate product delivery
  • Affect the service quality

In the end, the client either leaves the project midway or opts to rebound the work completely with another partner. You must avoid partners that follow old practices, lack proper PMP tools and use obsolete technologies.

So how do you choose a right technical partner?

Overcoming these challenges to find the best technical partner that fits your business partner is possible. All you have to do is follow this guide.

1. Self-Discovery and Pro-Analysis of requirements

Time and Material

Common mistakes made by companies when choosing a technical partner:

  1. Assuming all time and material are on an urgent basis
  2. Changing the estimate and project delivery date based on impromptu needs
  3. Agreeing on vogue delivery deadlines provided by vendors due to time restrictions

How to overcome these mistakes?

  1. Set real expectations in front of the Technical partner
  2. Discover actual requirements and prepare a rough self-estimate
  3. Access the delivery deadlines and put those deadlines on paper


The other side of the coin “price” has always been a major factor in making purchase decisions.

Common mistakes committed:

  1. Choosing a partner solely based on price
  2. Focusing on the cheapest service provider available in the market
  3. Setting the ballpark estimation to the minimum level
  4. Overestimating or underestimating own requirements for budget needs

How to overcome these mistakes?

  1. Focus on quality of the delivery instead of the cheapest source available
  2. Ballpark estimates are sure to be over by 15% so make the estimate, but keep 15% of overhead costs
  3. Discover own needs and appropriately seek the solution estimates

2. Skillset and Technical Expertise

Look for a technical partner that does the following for you:

  1. Analyzes your requirements
  2. Benchmarks the best practices
  3. Asks questions about your requirements
  4. Suggests proper processes for your solutions
  5. Has prior expertise in developing Magento solutions
  6. Uses a proper disaster management plan
  7. Possesses relevant domain experience

3. Proper Process and Structure Management

Aside from meeting requirements and having expertise, the right technical partner will protect your products confidentiality as well as assure you quality above the competition.

So, once you find a partner that fits this criteria and your business then take these precautionary steps before making the final decision.

  1. Always sign a non-competing agreement with the technical partner to protect your intellectual property
  2. Ask for a quality policy statement
  3. Seek tool competency and manpower availability
  4. Ask about After-Sale support, post-delivery and services information
  5. Study the workforce management of the technical partner
  6. Look for robust infrastructure and connectivity information
  7. Finally, consider the reputation and location of the organization

Overall, a good Magento Technical Partner is the one who:

  1. Understands your requirements and suggests solutions
  2. Wants to go the extra mile with you and be part of your journey
  3. Adheres to quality compliance and post delivery services
  4. Holds a good reputation and technical expertise

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