3 Reasons Why You Need to Have an E-Commerce Mobile App to Start Your Business

There is no limit to eCommerce businesses, you can think of anything you want. Not to mention, nowadays, people prefer to shop online rather than goin...

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There is no limit to eCommerce businesses, you can think of anything you want. Not to mention, nowadays, people prefer to shop online rather than going to a store. This is applicable to every industry around the globe. And what made it possible for you to reach customers anytime, anywhere, from any device? The power of the Internet. But also the type of devices that you are using to target them have a major impact on your success.  

We all know that gradually mobile consumption has taken over our lives. According to the latest study by Pew Research Center, 96% of adults in America own a mobile phone. And 81% of the population have a smartphone. Just look around, almost everyone has these devices in their hands.  

As a business owner, you should acknowledge and adapt this. But you must be thinking that how this information can help you to start your business or increase your eCommerce sales? So, the answer is, your eCommerce business needs a good mobile application. 

Also, your eCommerce business won’t be able to reach its full potential if you are only using a website. And if you review the ‘recent eCommerce trends’ you will realize how everything is heading in a mobile direction. 

But do you really need a mobile app? The answer is yes, you do. And if you want your business and website to be apt in the future, you are certainly required to make a mobile eCommerce app. 

Here are some reasons to do so: 

Mobile Commerce is Trending Up

Sales that are being done on mobile devices have taken over the eCommerce businesses completely. You can take a look at your sales statistics and check what devices your customers are shopping from. You will find that most people are browsing and buying using smartphones and tablets.  

As a matter of fact, 67% of eCommerce sales around the world come from mobile devices. Basically, mobile sales are ruling over the eCommerce world.  

Customers Prefer Mobile Applications

Do you know that almost 78% of customers prefer an app to purchase from an eCommerce shop than a mobile website? 

Meaning that if you are presently getting 100 mobile transactions per week, then around 80 among those people would rather shop from your brand or company’s app. And these are your regular customers. Just think of how many people you’re skipping because you don’t have an application.  

Convenience and speed are the top two major reasons why people opt for mobile applications over mobile websites. Not to mention, mobile apps just give customers a better shopping experience.  

For instance, when you go to purchase something for yourself online, would you prefer to buy from a website or from an app? From an app, obviously. Therefore, no matter how good or responsive a mobile website may be, the features of an app will always give a more optimized user experience.  

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Without a mobile application, your eCommerce website is at a disadvantage.  

As mentioned earlier, customers like to shop from mobile apps, so eventually, they will stop buying from your mobile site altogether. Even, right now, the mobile sales that you’re getting are fortunate, but it won’t last forever.  

On the other side, being an early bird and creating an eCommerce app will give you an advantage over other websites. And, if a customer has to decide between your’s and a competitor site, then having an app will certainly make them lean towards you for shopping. 

Therefore, an eCommerce app can be beneficial in many ways for you and your business. 

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