Mobile App Management (MAM) for Today’s Businesses

With mobility becoming an integral part of the business world, enterprises are now focusing on developing mobile strategies. However, in order to bene...

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With mobility becoming an integral part of the business world, enterprises are now focusing on developing mobile strategies.

However, in order to benefits from such a strategy there needs to be a Mobile App Management (MAM) strategy as well.

It must be stated that Mobile Application Management (MAM) isn’t the same as Mobile Device Management (MDM). The latter as many of you might know is a way to control mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. MDM can ensure some security as it requires a passcode and data can be deleted if a device is stolen or lost. But, MDM doesn’t seem to be enough anymore due to improved app development, security and of course, management.

Mobile App Management (MAM) takes a mobile strategy to the next level. It can enhance an app’s efficiency and security as well as make management and maintenance so much easier.

Efficiency, Flexibility and Productivity

Today’s workforce is more tech-savvy than ever before. Employees can now use any technology available to communicate, share and sync files, take notes, and much more. This technology movement is sometimes referred to as Bring Your Own Device or BYOD for short. Some even go as far as calling it IT Consumerization. Either way it is what permits employees to bring personally owned devices (laptops, tablets, and smart phones) to their workplace and use them to access privileged company information and applications. This has promises of higher efficiency, flexibility and productivity, but it isn’t guaranteed.

By implementing the right MAM strategy, enterprises can easily meet their employee’s needs and help them cross hurdles; which brings your business success. With MAM businesses can re-evaluate their mobile platform management needs and implement the right solution to enhance productivity. A way to do so is by letting you to control the corporate data in your employee’s personal devices without touching their personal data.

Data Security

With the BYOD movement there is a higher need to secure company data. That’s understandable. However, by investing in the right corporate data security strategy can businesses benefit from Bring-Your-Own-Device strategies. Restricting mobile devices or completely controlling them may disturb the workflow. Plus it wouldn’t make your employees too happy and maybe even a little leery. Therefore, managing mobile devices with MAM is the best solution because it gives enterprises a way to secure their data without creating any trouble for the end users.   

Simplifying App Management Issues

Companies with operating systems across national and international branches and diverse mobile apps, really need to have a single, best-fit app management solution.  This is exactly what MAM can do for businesses. It can cross platforms and work with multiple platforms. Every platform may have their own API interfaces and security parameters, but with a single effective management system companies can gain a lot of benefits. MAM Solutions can simplify management by providing security across devices and operating systems without having to use multiple solutions to manage every platform.

Free Yourself from App Maintenance by Relying on IbleSoft

The use of enterprise mobile solutions come with the responsibility of maintenance. This requires hiring the right maintenance team, which can be an expensive proposition. Moreover, you would need to hire experts to manage your app(s) to avoid more headaches. Therefore, we recommend relying only on the best for all your Mobile App Management services.Iblesoft

IbleSoft’s MAM services allows your business to free up your IT team so they can focus on driving success for the business. Our value-added services come at comparatively very low prices with expert developers so you don’t have to worry about burning a whole in your pocket. To learn about our MAM services, please, Talk to One of Our Experts Today!