How to Boost Web Traffic Through Website Redesign

Lower Your Bouncing with Website Redesign Now, we don’t mean literal bouncing that would be odd, but what we do mean is lower your website’...

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Lower Your Bouncing with Website Redesign

Now, we don’t mean literal bouncing that would be odd, but what we do mean is lower your website’s bounce rate through website redesign. A website’s bounce rate refers to the percentage of people that visit one of your web pages, but then decide to leave without clicking to anywhere else.

If you have a high bounce rate it usually means that visitors either didn’t find what they were looking for or the page wasn’t user-friendly. This type of issue needs special attention because it highly affects conversion rates. If your website visitors aren’t exploring your site or converting into leads, then your marketing and sales efforts are counterproductive. However, there is a solution to this problem…

Website Redesign – A Complete Marketing Overhaul

Your website should have the type quality design that attracts customers enough to make them click around. That’s the easy part, but what about the other qualities that make a customer decide to stay or go?

A loading time delay, even of a few seconds, could cause customers to navigate to another site. So can a design that’s too complicated to navigate through, visitors will eventually get frustrated and leave. Oftentimes, visitors don’t think there’s enough videos, images or informative content and decide to look for it somewhere else. Whatever the reason may be, they’re still leaving. Therefore, in order to lower your bounce rate you need to give importance to your website’s redesign.

In order to drive away traffic and connect with customers a website needs to engage visitors using things that make them feel special. That includes a website redesign that targets customers with a completely new look and feel that stands out. Yet at the same time reflects your business’s professionalism and attitude towards customers. While also, incorporate certain features that every successful website needs today.

The Must Have Features of Any Website Today

To meet all of that criteria a website redesign should take care both the design and non-design elements. There are multiple aspects that makes a website successful aside form the look such as the speed, navigation, coding among others. By optimizing these aspects you can ensure positive changes for your business. 

Also, if your current design does not aline with the latest trends, then it will lag behind the competition. You want to avoid that, so check that your website redesign follows these feature trends.

  • Have a mobile friendly/ responsive website
  • Create a unique look with professionalism
  • Avoid making page-to-page navigation complex
  • Meet customer expectations
  • Focus on correctly enhancing SEO elements
  • Make sure the design incorporates the necessary elements to sell like call-to-actions

Answering the Question

So now you’re probably wondering, well then how do I effectively redesign my website? Well, a website looks different to customers than it does to a search engines. But search engines deliver websites to customers so clearly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies are ideal. This is a secure way to boost web traffic. However, it isn’t the only answer.

Don’t Overlook Analytics

Look at your what your website analytics is telling you like the number of visits, the bounce rate, time spent on the site per visit, domain authority, the number of leads generated and the total sales completed. By analyzing this data and documenting it all then you can find out where your website suffers the most and have a benchmark for change.

Backup Your Data

Website redesign sometimes requires deleting content and if you don’t back up our data then that just adds another problem to the mix.By backing up your website you aren’t only saving the content but all of your backend data as well. For instance, shared content, the page with the most traffic and the number of inbound links. So, always keep a backup, especially before website redesign.

Target Your Audience

Targeting an audience might seem obvious, yet many companies still don’t do so on their website. In order to target an audience you have to research them. Know their language, what they like and don’t like. Only then can you correctly design a site to meet their needs, if not they will bounce.

Build An SEO Strategy

So we mentioned how important SEO is for website success, but that is if it goes along with great content. Quality content with relevant keywords helps generate more traffic as well as more leads. This content could include blog posts and press releases regarding your products and services.

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Tracking Performance

Merely implementing the changes doesn’t suffice. You need to measure its effects as well. Website redesign will not be complete until you measure its efficiency.

Google Analytics can help track your performance through: goal conversion rates, bounce rate percentage and the average time spent by the user on your website. Aside from analytics you need to analyze the web traffic. Has the traffic increased or decreased after the website redesign? This can tell you how certain elements effect your site.

Also, make sure you have a report to track performance throughout after the website redesign. All of these tools will help you accurately and constantly monitor your website’s performance.

Design for Customers Not Just for Search Engines

As technology evolves faster, so do our preferences and that means companies have to keep up with the latest trends. The easiest and fastest way to do that is through website redesign. If you don’t meet customer needs and expectations then you’re impacting your business in a negative way.

At the end of the day your customers is what matters the most, you have to design your business for them. But, don’t worry as a company that deals with website redesign, we are here to be your solution.  Our skilled developers and designers can redesign your website to meet all the requirements necessary to boost web traffic. Iblesoft

We provide Custom Web Design Services as well as SEO/SEM Services so you can have the best of both worlds.

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