15 Advantages of a WordPress Website or Blog

Today, a website has become a basic necessity. There are many ways to create websites but a WordPress website lets you root out the complexities of an...

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Today, a website has become a basic necessity. There are many ways to create websites but a WordPress website lets you root out the complexities of an effective content management system. Along with 15 reasons why a WordPress website or WordPress blog can be the best option for a quality content management solution. We have made it simple by listing these advantages for those who opt for WordPress Web Development or WordPress Blog Development Solutions for their corporate presence over the internet.

Advantages of WordPress

1. Dual Purpose

When there is talk of WordPress development a majority of people believe that it is the best platform only for blogging sites. Another majority falsely believe that it can’t be suitable for websites – which is really just a misconception. Many business owners have already started making use of WordPress technology for their corporate websites. It has become one of the best and most trusted platforms for both blogs and the websites. WordPress allows you to come up with various kinds of websites in such a convenient way that it’ll make you think, why not.

2. Packed with Features

Over the past years WordPress has exponentially grown the list of features, which in turn has attracted a large number of businesses across the globe. There are plenty of options for WordPress administrators to come up with unique features in their blog or website.

3. Lower Costs

Developing a WordPress website or a WordPress blog will require you to spend a lot less than developing your site with other platforms. A corporate blog or a website will be cost effective. You will also be saving money that often goes into making changes to a website or blog after it is live. You can be the one to make changes on your own anytime so you won’t have to contact your developer or ask him to do what you want. You will also be cutting maintenance costs.

4. Greater Level of Accessibility

WordPress offers its users a greater level of accessibility. It is now much easier for WordPress users to add or remove content from anywhere they want or anytime they want to.

5. No Coding? No Problem

It shall be said here thatWordPress is a self-contained system which doesn’t require any type of HTML editing or coding (such as in DreamWeaver, Adobe and others). It makes it easier for you to create blog posts or any number of pages your business requires hassle free.

6. Easy Communication

You can make any changes anytime you want without the help of any web developer. This way you have the ability to communicate well enough with no waste of time.

7. Schedule Your Posts

Add content and schedule your posts as per your choice. You can post on the dates you want. You can even add up to thirty articles in a day and then schedule them for posting on a daily basis. The article will be published as you scheduled it without you having to monitor it everyday.

8. Social Networking

WordPress allows you to share posts or the content through social networking websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. You can easily share across your network and make your posts popular.

9. Adding Audio & Video

It is also now easier to add an audio or a video whenever you would like to and share it across your network with ease. This can help optimize your content or blog posts, giving your readers a little more.

10. SEO-Friendly 

A WordPress website or blog are pretty SEO-friendly. The code behind the blogs or websites developed in WordPress is very clean and simple making it easier for the search engines like Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo etc. to find or index it faster and better. Apart from this each web page or post can have its own meta tags, meta description or title. You can easily come up with the most appropriate keywords and optimize your website or blog. You also have the ability of adding tags to further enhance your search engine visibility.

11. 100% Customizable

WordPress themes or designs are 100% customizable. Modifying from time-to-time can provide your customers with a unique experience often so they keep coming back. Plus it is very user friendly.

12. Adding a Variety of Plug-Ins

WordPress users have the option of adding a variety of plug-ins to bring in a greater level of functionality into their WordPress site or blog. Most of the plug-ins are free to use and can not only help you as the administrator on the back-end, it can also help you in enhance your visitor’s experience through the front-end.

13. Multiple User Access

As an administrator of aWordPress site or aWordPress Blog, you can set up multiple users. You can assign access to different users and administrate them too.

14. Automated Syndication

Users of WordPress websites or the blogs can automatically convert their web content or their blog content into RSS feed and syndicate it to the blog or web directories or other websites for instant recognition in search engines.

15. Mobile-Friendly Themes

There is will be no need for you to come up with another website or blog for your mobile users. A WordPress website or blog will automatically recognize whether a person is viewing the website or blog through a web browser or a mobile browser and will configure the content accordingly.

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