Factors To Consider When Choosing a Mobile App Platform

Selecting the right mobile application platform that suits you best is a challenging task. Which platform is best for my business? Which is better for...

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Selecting the right mobile application platform that suits you best is a challenging task. Which platform is best for my business? Which is better for me – Android or iOS, Windows or Blackberry?  These are common questions to think about when opting for a mobile app.

There are factors that play a crucial role when selecting the right mobile application platform.

But luckily we have some information to help make it easier for you. It is true that Android and iOS have been in the limelight for years now. Considering that they have the biggest market share in mobile apps. But other platforms such as Windows and Blackberry have a large number of loyal users too. With that ask yourself these following questions.

Which Can You Get The Highest Revenue?

Which platform can offer you a higher revenue? This can one of the most important aspects in mobile app development. If you want huge profits then your best bet is the iOS mobile application platform. The average revenue for an iOS app per download is usually more than the Android or others. This can be attributed to more free apps on app-stores other than the iOS app store.

When Does Visibility Become A Big Question?

If you are looking for more app visibility rather than focusing just on revenue then the Android mobile application platform can be the best way to go. A larger market and a high number of people showing interest in downloading Android apps, in comparison with the other platforms, makes Android the ideal answer to app visibility. Although, if your app is business oriented, then the Blackberry mobile application platform might be better because Business Executives, CEOS, CFOS & Tycoons prefer Blackberry applications.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Who are going to be your customers? Who is your target market? Analyze if you would like to target Blackberry users or Android users etc.  Based on your business analysis you can choose a platform. Although it seems simple enough, it should not be discredited that Android and iOS have more dominance in the market. Also, take your target region into consideration. For example, Android’s main market share comes from Asia, South America and Africa so if your target audiences are within these regions then Android might be the platform for you.

So you’ve gone through these basic questions, but you still feel a little doubtful on which mobile application platform to choose, then consider these other factors of the mobile app development process.

Publishing Your App

As a cautionary note, you must know that publishing an app to the Google Play Store is easier than publishing it with the iOS store. There are fewer restrictions with Google Play and you may have to comply with strict rules when you’re publishing an app to the iOS store.

Development Timeline

If you are concerned more about your timeline, then you need to select the mobile app platform that might take least amount of time. Usually, Android apps take longer than Blackberry apps or Windows apps. So, if you would like to publish your app sooner then you can go for the platform that consumes the least amount of time such as Blackberry, Windows or iOS that are more mature for faster development.

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