Tips for Increasing Your Mobile App Reviews

Reviews matter a lot. Oh, sorry, let’s be more precise. “Good reviews” matter a lot. If you want to raise your app’s popularity then focus...

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Reviews matter a lot. Oh, sorry, let’s be more precise. “Good reviews” matter a lot.

If you want to raise your app’s popularity then focusing on getting good app reviews is a key component.

Reviews are what customers rely on before they buy anything, especially apps on their smart phones. An application that has got more reviews will be more likely to get downloaded than an app with a couple or no reviews. Those apps will toil for some attention in vain. We don’t mean to make you worry about your current app reviews because that could be fixed.  

Reviews are simply part of a consumer’s research before purchase. However, persuading more customers to buy or download can impact your business greatly. In recent studies regarding online reviews it was stated that:

  • Positive online reviews created trust for local businesses within 70% of people
  • Negative reviews can change 80% of people’s purchase decision
  • An impressive 88% of people said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

Even more important is the fact that reviews can affect your app’s visibility on its corresponding store. Oftentimes people will download the first couple of apps that come out of a search and those usually have numerous reviews. As a matter of fact, reviews are a huge ranking factor for apps. So huge that having no reviews is more detrimental than having a couple of negative reviews.

However, we all know that getting reviews isn’t as easy as it looks. An app user is more likely to write a negative review than go write a good review. It makes sense considering that if you like an app then you just simply continue using it. But there are ways to promote those kind of users to write good reviews. So, we went ahead and listed a few tips to help you increase app reviews.

Develop a High Quality App

Let’s start with the basics. If you have a high quality app then naturally your users will feel compelled to want to add a good review. But, if you know your app lacks great functionality or a great design then naturally your users won’t want to write a good review. On the contrary, you’re setting your app up for bad reviews.

Therefore, first focus on developing an app that is valuable with an optimal user experience. This way app lovers will want to download, use and share the app with friends and family. Promoting a low quality app and expect good reviews would be unwise.

Encourage Feedback

Encouraging customers to add reviews is important, so ask for their feedback. Adding a feedback button on your app or a quick survey pop up could really prompt users to send you their feedback. You could even run a small campaign through the app asking for improvement suggestions such as design and functionality changes. By taking those suggestions seriously and improving your app you will in turn make users feel happy to have their suggestions implemented and your app better.

Don’t be scared of bad reviews though because they can actually help you out as well. Bad reviews gives you a way to improve customer service and get great feedback at the same time. If there’s an angry customer raging about the app’s functionality, then fix it and personally answer to their issue. This will raise customer satisfaction and surely impress other users since they can see that you value their feedback. As a result you won’t just raise your reviews but your good ones will out weigh the bad ones.

Promote Through Different Channels

A great way to ask your app users to add their app reviews is through personalized emails or newsletters. You need to craft the email in such a way that they will feel good about sharing their views on the app. Also, newsletters can let them know about new features or upgrades while simultaneously asking them to rate your app after they check it out.

The most powerful channel you could use to promote your app is Social Media. Your marketing team could use social media to increase good reviews by targeting people that are already a fan of your business. Social sites like Facebook or Twitter allows you to interact with users more strategically to persuade them to express their thoughts on the app. As a bonus you could ask your social media users to review your app during its beta stage so it’s incorporated with reviews prior to launching.

Offer Gameful Thinking

Implement gameful thinking into your app by integrating game design activities as a way to engage and motivate people to review your app. Gameful thinking can include things like a contest, giveaways or games and no, we don’t mean bribe them. Rather, offer a prize, like a gift card or free movie tickets, to users that give a review. Whichever prize you offer it should always follow the Google Play Store and the Apple Store rules and regulations so check those out before offering anything. 

Avoid Black-Hat Techniques

Using black-hat techniques such as, buying reviews or automating reviews from other apps to increase app reviews should be avoided. Some may think that it works for them, but it actually doesn’t work at all. On the contrary, it has the potential to harm your business and the reputation of your app.

If users find out that your ratings and reviews are fake, then prepare yourself to lose loyal and potential users. It’s an issue when fake reviews create downloads, but then people see that the reviews don’t actually represent the app. This could raise your reviews….bad ones that is. 

Only a truly great app can gain positive app reviews with little to no effort. So seek professional app developers to get your app

Seek Professional App Development

Performance problems, glitches and other component related issues can always be resolved but only if you have the help of experienced mobile app developers. Even if you already have an app developed it’s always going to need upgrades and maintenance to keep the good reviews coming. Iblesoft offers high quality App Management Services as well as App Development Consulting so you can gain great results. But, if you’re just starting your app and are looking for a reliable app development company, then you can rely on IbleSoft. We specialize in app development and have years of experience to prove it.

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