The Advantages of Accounting and Sales App Integration

Stop Dividing Your Business As you reach miles of success in your business, crossing one after the other, business operations become more complex. If ...

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Stop Dividing Your Business

As you reach miles of success in your business, crossing one after the other, business operations become more complex. If you avoid streamlining operations, then your business could take a big hit. With expansion, handling all business operations in an innovative way becomes essential. Hence the advantages of accounting and sales app integration.

You may be currently using an accounting system separate from your sales application. Take a moment to think about that. If these two functionalities work so well together, then wouldn’t merging them into a single app facilitate doing business? That’s a definite yes.

Businesses that handle sales and accounting processes via two different sources suffer from a lack of true transparency. They also have difficulty bringing the sales and accounting team together in an effective and efficient way.

Make Accounting and Sales a Team

As businesses grow however, they often wish to integrate their accounting application with other financial and enterprise software applications to make management easier. Although it can seem like a daunting task, migrating to another accounting or ERP package and integrating accounting systems with other enterprise applications and data sources can be simple.

For example, many businesses choose QuickBooks as their accounting system. When integrating to QuickBooks, Iblesoft has Quick Integrate and Migration Practice which provides power, is cost effective, easy to use and scalable. This increases operational efficiencies substantially and minimizes the need for manual entry into multiple systems, thereby improving financial controls.

Every organization that utilizes multiple back-end applications and systems has a need for flex data integration solutions. Lack of integration leads to inefficiencies and imposes significant constraints that limit flexibility necessary to meet the ever changing business needs.

Successful business mergers and acquisitions depend upon the effective integration of people, process, technology and well planned strategies.

However, integration plays other key roles needed for:

Effective Collaboration

When sales and accounting are integrated into an app, then it leads the way for better collaboration and coordination between both teams. Your sales team can carry on generating leads, convert the leads into prospective customers and convince them to take the services your business offers.

After that the accounting team can track purchase information, transactions, money received, refunds etc. all within one system. The communication necessary to collaborate will be done automatically for enhanced productivity. Integration can also reduce unnecessary paperwork and speed up order processing.

Efficiency in Order Processing

Faster order processing comes from a sales app’s ability to take orders on the spot and avoid filing out paperwork or cross checking with previous orders. Rather, it will eliminate tedious tasks, help manage sales and accounting processes and provide immediate email confirmations.

With such efficient order processing, other complimentary accounting tasks also gain efficiency. Since accounting systems are directly integrated into the app, functions like invoicing and payments happen faster than old paper-based methods.

On-the-Go Information

Apart from enhanced efficiency app integration offers your business mobility. With a mobile app your sales team can access customer orders and account history as much as your accounting team.

Also, your sales team can sell from anywhere, any time they want with simplicity, while improving customer service at the same time.  With on-the-go information sales-accounting tasks become simple. With tasks, like invoicing and reporting, integrated with sales you will save your business a lot of time and money.


When you have multiple systems doing different processes you end up with overlapping databases. App integration places all of your important and organized financial data in a single location. This saves your business a lot of time from having to go through a bunch of paperwork and gives you transparency. You can use this new given transparency to determine your worst and best areas in business and face them accordingly.

Error Elimination

When you are performing sales and accounting operations manually it’s clear that the probability of committing an error is heightened. But taking advantage of an integrated sales and accounting application helps eliminate those errors. An integrated app doesn’t allow data duplication and the information for each and every order is stored and tracked by managers.

The biggest advantage of integrating your accounting system with a sales app is that it creates a smooth work flow without taking more time away from both teams. Instead they can use the time saved to find ways to enhance their operation in a more creative way.

Iblesoft Integration

Looking forward to integrating your sales and accounting systems into a single application? Iblesoft can help you with App Integration as well as Custom App Development to streamline your business operations based solely on your unique requirements.

Iblesoft can work with any industry all over the world to upgrade their technology ecosystem through Application Management, Integration and Migration optimization.

If you want to know more about how these services can help your business, then feel free to CONTACT US.