The Importance of UX Development

The term “User Experience” or its acronym “UX” has multiple layers of meaning. Its explained, perceived and understood in different ways by different ...

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The term “User Experience” or its acronym “UX” has multiple layers of meaning.

Its explained, perceived and understood in different ways by different professionals who design for usability, user interface or user interaction for a website or app. 

But, just imagine you stumbled upon a website or downloaded an application that looks great but doesn’t function properly because the developers lacked the principles of UX. Would you continue trying to use them or move on? Well, like you, millions of people won’t stick around. Although UX can be interpreted different ways at the end of the day its pretty simple. UX revolves around 1 – the User and 2 – the Experience. Both are key for good business, here’s exactly why:

  • Good UX can increase business revenue over 30% and increase returns
  • Poor app performance draws away about 90% of users & 86% delete the app
  • An impressive 86% of users think paying extra for an excellent experience is worth it
  • A website that isn’t mobile friendly will make 48% of users think the business doesn’t care
  • A bad mobile experience will turn away over 50% of users while 40% will abandon a website if it takes more 3 seconds to load

These statistics imply that the website or app manages to get users but suffers in terms of usability and enhancing the user experience. Those numbers are pretty crippling. Hence the importance of UX development.

The concept of User Experience entails virtually all aspects of design centered around enhancing interaction levels with customers. They include accessibility, usability, design principles, overall interaction etc. Its all about attracting users by instilling an emotional connection as well as creating a simple path to meet user needs.

Why UX is Essential

In order to attract and retain users, its necessary to focus on what they may looking be for out of the product. UX focuses in on this aspect so much that its now considered an essential part of any development project.

A business may have the best-in-class app but if users find it difficult to use then it might as well be a waste of money.

Digital resources need proper User Experience design to help businesses generate revenue. Especially for a website that’s more intricate in nature because UX principles reduce the complexity of it. Websites without proper UX development become ugly, cluttered and overly chaotic.   

A test done to determine the relationship between a users’ perception of a computerized system’s aesthetics and its usability explain why UX is essential. The results proved that aesthetics play a huge role in design as much as usability. Its not enough to have a beautiful design with sub par functionality and vice versa.

Clever Investment

Its growing importance has lead business owners to spend time and money on product testing. This lets them know if the project implements features needed to improve the user experience. Before launching any big project, testing is necessary. Any factors that could detrimentally affect market entry or how targeted customers will the receive the product need to be reviewed. That is why hiring a professional development company with a strong UX team is crucial.  

User Experience in a Nutshell

Development projects can become a heavy investment so its good to outweigh the benefits such as:

  • UX focuses more on human interaction
  • Its primary objective is to make users feel comfortable using the final product
  • Effective design aspects meet target audience demands
  • Capable of capturing an emotional response from the targeted audience
  • Stimulates a positive brand response and an overall better user experience

The importance of User Experience seems pretty clear, however the design process goes hand in hand with UX designers. The value of UX for a business is just as important as the value a UX design team brings to the table.  Our team of UX designers can develop a product based on key principles as well as user emotions in order to build stronger customer relationships. Enhance your customer’s experience with our UX development services.

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