Ways Mobile Apps Can Enhance Events

If you are planning your next business event and want to drive huge number of attendees, then we have something that could help. Other than the typica...

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If you are planning your next business event and want to drive huge number of attendees, then we have something that could help. Other than the typical marketing strategies. Of course, marketing tactics like social media marketing can raise event awareness and lead to sales as well as other digital marketing strategies. However, we want you to see the newest and highly effective method of promoting an event and increasing attendance. Believe it or not, mobile apps are it. They are known to help increase conversion rates, the customer base, sales and revenue.

Mobile apps don’t just help you sell tickets or give you a platform to place cool ads. In fact, they are a great way to build interactions between your event and the attendees. Large brands design mobile apps for their biggest events because it allows them to reach global markets in an efficient way. When we say big events, think Wimbledon, Coachella, Glastonbury and The Open as a few.

Both small and large events can benefit from mobile apps. Traditional marketing has taken event promotion pretty far, enough to create healthy competition within all kinds of events. But it lacks the ability to take that next big step. With mobile apps, marketing teams can step it up with a more personalized experience and that’s just one advantage. Find out how mobile apps can enhance your next event.

How Mobile Apps Can Make Your Event More Successful

We live in a world where people are just simply obsessed with their smart phones, especially applications. Nowadays, we see people using mobile apps for everything. That goes for businesses as well. An event app can help you a number of ways.

#1 Attract Attendees  

First off, mobile apps can help you attract targeted people and build rapport with them before your event even happens. Also, an event app can include cool features that people can interact with in order to build excitement. For example, by integrating social media into the app, you will make it easier for people to share about the event. Content like videos, photos, articles, notifications and updates on event location, speakers, performers, ticket sales etc. really help people feel part of the event. 

The Wimbledon app has a map of the venue and seating charts as well as a short bio of every athlete and Radio Wimbledon which lets app users submit questions. The Open’s app gives details on all the holes and tee off times. Music festivals usually give backstage access by posting videos on their apps and so on.

#2 Event Registration & Planning

With your mobile app, potential attendees can register for the event in a much simpler way. Oftentimes, people rather not register for an event when they have to fill out boring and lengthy web forms or make large lines to buy tickets. But with a mobile app people can register within a few simple steps which could increase the number of people registering.

Also, a key factor of mobile apps is that with its automating attributes, its much easier to make every single experience, personal. That’s something that’s hard to do with other marketing strategies. Once people register, they like to be able to personalize their experience. By allowing them to choose what they see and do based on seating charts, kickoff and performance times and the like, you are meeting an important customer need.

That way people can better plan their experience to best fit their schedule and their friends too. Plus if they see how easy and convenient it is to register through an app and the exclusive details it offers, then they will definitely be more likely to register and attend.

#3 Improves Communication

A huge advantage of mobile apps are their ability to interact with users, effortlessly. An event app helps you chat with attendees, build agendas, create surveys, upload the latest information, send text messages among many other things. Basically any feature that can enhance the communication level between you and your prospective attendees can be added.

In addition to communication, participation is important. The traditional approach to event promotion isn’t really all that interactive. Posting on social media can only go so far. Don’t get it twisted, sharing content like pictures, videos, tweets etc. through the event app is a great way to promote engagement. But, the real action happens when you bring in active participation into the mix.

By incorporating things like games and rewards into your mobile app it helps guide attendees toward desired behaviors. Rewards for using the app or sharing content will add more interaction, entertainment and build a sense of commitment to attend the event after investing so much time into the app. Also, it doesn’t hurt if the active participants act as a marketing effort to help convert those who aren’t attending into attendees.

#4 Event Information

Once people download and register through the app it can also act as a guide for the event. Your event app can help you deliver real-time information which will in one way or the other empower your event quality. This is what we meant by meeting an important customer need.

Potential attendees can be persuaded to attend even more if they know they can plan their visit. Adding tools to book accommodations and travel will make it easier to not only convert non-attendees, but also help secure high event attendance. Once booking is done its harder for people to back out of attending an event because its already set within their future plans.

Event information is most important for events that go on for multiple days or in multiple locations. Additionally, it enhances the customer experience. With a mobile app attendees can easily check event information including possible cancellations, postponements, alerts, changes of venues etc. Enhancing the experience is a sure way to get people to recommend or share the event with others and build a higher retention rate.

#5 Sharing

Marketers know how critical social media is when promoting an event. It can make or break an event. However, its getting harder to get people to share on their social media directly. Most are using other tools or apps to share content.

Of course registered attendees still share event details through email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, but they sometimes won’t go out of their way to do so. The most practical way to get attendees to share with their network is by integrating social media into your event app as previously mentioned.

Integrating multiple channels will raise the likelihood that attendees will also share on multiple channels. This tactic helps expand your reach and promote non-attendees to attend next time.

# 6 Social Networking

Sharing on social media is different from social networking. People use social networking to interact with the people who are also attending the event. A majority of people that go to conferences, trade shows and the like are there to network from a professional standpoint. While the majority that attend festivals, concerts, games and the like go to socialize and have fun with people that share similar interests.

You can use mobile apps to enhance the experience even more by allowing registered members interact with other attendees. A way to do this is through attendee profiles where people can see whose going and have a way to communicate with them if they’d like.

An app with good networking qualities has the ability to give attendees a whole new group of valuable connections and a way to continue communicating with those connections. This is a bonus for you because it means people will continue to use your app long after the event is over in order to retain their new relationships.

#7 Feedback

The reason why it’s a bonus for attendees to continue their relationships post event is mainly because it helps with customer retention, up-selling and feedback. Customer retention means people will be more likely to keep attending in the future, that’s simple enough. But up-selling means those that stuck around with the app are also more likely to attend other events promoted through the app.

However, sales tactics can get a bit irritating after a while if you bombard users with ads and messages. That’s when retention could suffer. But if you let people rate your event and allow them to give feedback through the app, then it’ll be easier to know what people want. Feedback can come from quizzes, polls, surveys or a simple rating system and the results can be used to analyze the success of the event and help market your next event as well.

#8 Administration

Let’s not forget the most important part of an event…the actual planning. Without a great administrative team planning an event, then there’s no event but that doesn’t mean an app is obsolete. Mobile apps are a great way to manage the event team, assign tasks, view complete and incomplete tasks related to the event and so much more.

Also, businesses won’t have to have different mobile apps for different events. They can use a single app for multiple events. For example, if you initially promoted a concert, but now have a cast meet and greet coming to town, then you can use the app to promote it to people who are already invested or interested.

Nowadays targeted marketing has made personalization and customization much easier to do for marketers. This gives your event administration team a huge advantage because they can focus on targeting the right people for your event.

Mobile app development is still quite a new concept, especially event apps. With time mobile apps will gain interactivity through developing technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR). Start small but think big when it comes to the possibilities that mobile apps have to offer your business.

Analysis | Building Your Event App

Getting ahead of the game is huge when it comes to new technology. Becoming an early adopter of event apps will separate you from the competition. Not only will you be a leader, but potential customers like following the newest trends. Mobile apps are what’s in right now and that might scare you because the next big thing might be right around the corner. We get that, however apps keep pushing the limits of a trend. They have become a staple in everyday life for millions of people. The time before mobile apps doesn’t exist anymore. There’s only what’s to come from mobile apps.

You now know how mobile apps can enhance events, expand your reach, supplement marketing efforts and amplify the customer experience. The value mobile apps can add to your event(s), audience, team and overall brand is of a large scale. We know how valuable applications are to businesses all over the world.

We provide cost-effective, superior-quality mobile app development services.

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