Working with Drupal – Updates, Plugins, Features and More

Working with Drupal Drupal is now in its 8th phase. To be more precise, it is Drupal 8 that is making the rounds by making development of portals, web...

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Working with Drupal

Drupal is now in its 8th phase. To be more precise, it is Drupal 8 that is making the rounds by making development of portals, web and mobile apps more convenient and faster. For technical folks, it is a great relief because it is now possible to innovate aspects of core development processes. It comes with many additions and upgrades that can help entrepreneurs meet their digital business requirements.

The open source nature of Drupal has the power to bring businesses forward by delivering great digital experiences for their customers. With it, enterprises are no longer stuck with just one old, non-scalable roadmap. The newest version allows companies to build, extend and modify their digital projects with unlimited extent in whichever way they may want and at any time.

New Drupalisms – What makes Drupal 8 Different?

More about its stack of updates and features

  • With an inbuilt Configuration API, it facilitates developers by providing plenty of development tools. For example, organizations can deliver better data-driven experiences in web, mobile and social platforms.  
  • It is built to deliver support to mobile-first initiatives, enable mobile responsiveness across varied types of screens and support mobile applications.
  • Developers can make a quick round of changes with less time-consumption.
  • Enhanced scalability never lets developers lock into just one specific system or process, thus providing complete freedom to pursue indispensable requirements in an effective way.   
  • Another key tenet of Drupal 8 is its flexible content delivery system which makes it simpler to create and deliver content to any device, channel or application.  
  • Localization and translation is much simpler now.  
  • Capable of easy integration with any existing marketing technologies, so you can select technologies that perfectly align with your business.
  • More important are the plugin features, which allow developers to add new functionalities. D8 shows plenty of plugins, of many different types. For instance, Field Widget is one of the most common plugins. It specifies how fields are displayed in edit forms. Developers with extensive knowledge of how plugins work can help companies reap all the benefits of Drupal 8 plugins.
  • Community support for all modifications, updates, troubleshooting or other factors make it a preferred platform.  

Finally, the best thing about it is it lowers project costs by at least by 30-40% which means entrepreneurs can move to Drupal without investing too much. However, be careful who you select for Drupal development services.

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