The Benefits of an eCommerce Site for Business Owners & Customers

The Quick Evolution of the eCommerce Site In 1979 Michael Aldrich pioneered eCommerce simply because he wanted to avoid the weekly trip to the grocery...

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The Quick Evolution of the eCommerce Site

In 1979 Michael Aldrich pioneered eCommerce simply because he wanted to avoid the weekly trip to the grocery store. Aldrich successfully connected his television to a processing center via a phone line. By the 1990s, the technology to support online shopping matured. Now online sales in the United States are expected to reach $523 billion in the next five years, up 56% from $335 billion in 2015.1 The new, tech-savvy consumer presents a unique set of challenges to eCommerce merchants and that is where an eCommerce site helps.

“Sell Online, Buy Online” is not a new concept. This ideology has forced a great evolution from the most basic to the most advanced eCommerce platforms. Today, eCommerce sites provide a multitude of benefits not just for business owners but for consumers too.

The Benefits of an eCommerce Site for Business Owners

An Inexpensive Proposition

Years back, owning an ecommerce website may mean spending a lot of money. Ecommerce site development companies would charge somewhere between $300-$10,000 for a simple eCommerce site with limited features. Nowadays, business owners (especially startups and small business owners) can get their site developed with more advanced features and custom designs. This creates a melting pot of online stores.


With an eCommerce site, adding or deleting products or services is very simple. It only takes a few clicks to make products or services go live or disappear from the site. This is a huge benefit for business owners who frequently run offers on their site due to self-editing features that are easy use at any time. Also, the update feature is a boon for stores that are based on seasons, like clothing stores, so they can change all their merchandise in a couple of easy steps.

Save Time and Money

Business owners are always keen on saving time and money. The more efficient a task can be the better and the cheaper too. Therefore, an eCommerce site is perfect because it allows owners to make changes without having to depend on anyone to do it for them. Saving time while also saving their money too.

Digital Marketing

With SEO or analytics plugins, marketers can enhance the position of their site in search engines or monitor and improve its performance. This is key for an eCommerce business due to the large-scale competition in the online market.

The Benefits of an eCommerce Site for Customers

It goes without saying that the number one benefit of an eCommerce site for customers is the freedom to buy anything from anywhere. They just need to browse and select their products and proceed to checkout. Additionally, most eCommerce sites come with security features that make the payment process a lot less scary for customers. Which consequently is one of the biggest fuels for the growth of eCommerce sites and customer-relationships.

Enhancing a Customers’ Experience of Online Shopping

With a higher number of organizations moving from brick-and-mortar stores to new and attractive e-stores, customers have a higher chance of finding and buying the things they like. But there’s more. It’s important to mention that in the US, 60% of people purchase goods online and undoubtedly, this figure will only keep increasing. This is important because it means that eCommerce platforms will continue to improve in order to enhance a customer’s online shopping experience.

Gathering Information / Learning About Products

Aside form the obvious convenience of shopping from the comforts of your home, a person can get much more out of online shopping. When walking into a brick-and-mortar store you may not get the information one seeks when shopping for products/services. With plenty of plugins, eCommerce storeowners make sure that they display as much information as they can about their products. There are plenty of plugins that provide 360-degree view of the products or even 3D models. Not to mention the online reviews that a person can read before buying a product as well as its description, the different colors it comes in, the sizes available, its accompanying extras (if any) and so on. This provides customers with information on any product they want without having to continuously ask the salespeople at the physical store.

Better Buying Decisions

By comparing one product with the other, consumers get a clear understanding of what is the best option for them. A customer may visit an online store and find some products they would like to buy, yet still like to have other options. Online shopping provides customers the ability to compare and contrast similar products in order to help make the best buying decisions.

Paying Online

When eCommerce made its debut, customers were attracted to buying online, but payments were a challenge in most cases. People were unsure of how their account / bank details would be used and the security of the site. However, today’s customers are paying online without giving it a second thought. This is thanks to the revolutionary technology that most third party organizations use to make buying online a wonderful and safe experience.

Easy Orders, Easy Returns

Adding to the customer experience, online storeowners can provide fair and flexible buying options with easy orders and return policies. One way or the other it helps win a customer’s trust and keeps them buying from your online store.

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