Why Your Business Needs a Network Assessment

Modern businesses need modern network solutions. However, a network alone requires a lot of technical know-how in order to keep up with the constant c...

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Modern businesses need modern network solutions. However, a network alone requires a lot of technical know-how in order to keep up with the constant changing environment. The point of a network is to keep applications and services running smoothly. But IT specialists know that in order to do that, they too need to constantly adapt to new apps, behavior patterns and network resources.

If they don’t stay ahead of the game, then application performance can suffer which directly affects your business. So this when a network assessment becomes a key to not only save time and money, but also to acquire network understanding in order to implement network solutions. 

Focusing on Your Network

Irrespective of size, domain and market, every business relies more or less on a business network. As previously stated, networks evolve, collapse, shrink and escalate on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, a network assessment is critical from time-to-time. In this case, a network assessment is the review of your organization’s existing IT infrastructure, management, security, processes, and performance to identify opportunities for improvement. In fact, its needed every time you have any new business application implemented, migrated or upgraded. Security is also a major concern for enterprises, which makes a network assessment all the more necessary.

Your IT department should focus on:

  • A site evaluation
  • Evaluating the OPC systems
  • Scalability options for the network architecture 
  • Perfectly meeting short and long-term requirements
  • Integrity, configuration and redundancy
  • Reviewing the physical infrastructure required to manage hosted business apps, which make services seamless

Network Assessment Solutions for Successful Application Implementation

Now, you may have a new application to improve business processes, but want to host it on your business network. However, before implementing any in-house business apps you must consider this. Would this require assessing the network since the network can impact application performance? The right answer is yes, an assessment is certainly needed.

For this particular purpose, plan ahead to clearly understand your requirements based on current and future business situations. Its also very important to check whether your network has the capability to manage the new app or not. Technically speaking, any application added to a network that already hosts one or two apps may begin to collide with one another in terms of performance. So its an important aspect to review.

Optimization Assessment

Oftentimes businesses don’t assess their network and host their app, that’s more complex in nature. As a result, the application doesn’t perform well or as expected. This eventually leads to a huge negative impact on business operations and services. IT experts know where to look for errors when it comes to enhancing the functionality of a network. An expert will also look for and identify the weak areas to optimize the architecture. Through a network assessment your IT team can analyze routing devices, switch devices, instill network protocols as well as interface performance and quality of the services (QoS) to optimize app performance.

Analyzing Entities

When your newly implemented business application doesn’t’ work the way it should, then its easy to conclude that network issues might be hindering its performance. Network specialists can analyze and uncover the underlying problems of poor performance by focusing on more than just the weak areas. They can analyze all network’s entities including traffic patterns from server to server, latency issues, troubleshooting and so on.


Each and every business network is prone to attacks. That is why network security is always a big issue for businesses. There can be thousands of ways that your business can be opened to attacks.  So, as a precautionary measure, assessing a network’s capabilities and security is of vital importance. Check and cross-check whether the firewall is properly configured or not, whether you are using the latest version of the anti-virus, whether there are bugs waiting to attack your app etc.  

Rightly assessing the security of your network can help you move on with your business with confidence and also help manage your position in the market. It also gives you a competitive advantage over businesses who don’t assess their network security issues constantly. Those businesses face dire consequences that can even lead to complete business downfall.

Now, we don’t mean to be dramatic, but rather precautionary. However, its the simple truth. If you don’t assess your network, then you are setting your business up for unnecessary trouble. Keep your business running smoothly by relying on Iblesoft for network assessment services. 

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