Cloud Myths – Biggest Myths About Cloud Computing

Cloud Technology is fast evolving. Its transforming the business landscape, yet businesses still see it as a matter of great concern because of the my...

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Cloud Technology is fast evolving. Its transforming the business landscape, yet businesses still see it as a matter of great concern because of the myths surrounding it.

So we are here to debunk some of the greatest cloud myths.

This way you can finally take full advantage of its technology without feeling uneasy.

People Will Access My Data

This is the biggest myth by far. It really troubles businesses to think other people can access their data, but in reality its not even true. Here is the truth:

If its your data then only you have access to it. No one else. Other than the people you give access to like your IT department and even they will have set up restrictions. So let’s debunk that myth ASAP.

Only Cost-Effective

No matter whether you’re running a small business or a big firm you can indeed use cloud services to enhance business operations. Its actually proven to save a lot of money for all businesses, regardless of their size. Sometimes the cloud saves money, but there are many other reasons cited for migrating to the cloud, the most common of which is for agility.

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Suitable for All Businesses

Cloud is the most suitable option for any type of business. It can help you not only enhance your operations, but also find a way to work in a more innovative way. 

However, you must outweigh the benefits before moving to the cloud because if you’re basing a decision purely on cost savings, then it might not be enough. The reasoning behind this is that the cloud may not fit perfectly with all workloads. Its more valuable when the business environment is flexible and has the ability to consume and pay for what’s necessary. 

Migration is a Difficult Task

Please don’t think that moving to the cloud is a difficult task. Its really as simple as turning on a light switch. All connectivity issues are taken care of by the service provider. You just need to present your business and it will magically be in the cloud in a matter of days, maybe even hours. 

The reason it may be so fast and easy is because most cloud decisions shouldn’t require moving everything to the cloud. In general, data center outsourcing, modernization and strategies are related to the cloud, but they’re not the same.

No Control Over My Data

Let’s start off by immediately stating that all businesses in the cloud have complete control over their business-sensitive data. Moreover, their IT department doesn’t have to worry about updates.

When any business moves to the cloud, the time often spent in hardware maintenance and software updates reduces drastically. With the extra time, the IT department can focus on improving business technology and services rather than repetitive maintenance tasks. Also, businesses can have the option to launch their agile initiatives and increase efficiency.

Data On-Premises is Safer

On-premise systems aren’t necessarily more secure than the cloud. Many companies still get hacked. Especially nowadays with cyber crime at an all time high. Even with a great security team, its still difficult to manage or reveal attacks that can potentially harm your business. Cloud computing in general has had few security breaches while the majority of breaches continue to happen with on-premises data centers.

Additionally, a cloud service provider takes security as a primary responsibility. They help protect your business from cyber attacks and threats. In order to keep security at the pinnacle of the industry, a fairly big and dedicated team uses the latest range of processes. These include traffic throttling, prevention, detection and breach mitigations among others.

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Migration Disrupts Operations

Oftentimes, businesses belief that cloud migration would temporarily disrupt their operations and that it’d be difficult to deal with the changes for a few days or months. But, this is certainly not the case. On the contrary, it would actually make your business more agile.

Not a Customizable Solution

No matter what your requirements are, its easy to get customized cloud solutions. It all depends on the configuration parameters, storage options, programming interfaces, deployment options etc. Either way, you can choose a solution that best suits your business.  

Requires Specific Knowledge  

Business operations through the cloud don’t require any specific knowledge. Anyone with basic IT knowledge can handle the cloud comfortably without any trouble for your business.

Iblesoft Cloud Computing Services

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Cloud technology may not be for everyone, but its definitely something to consider. So before making a hasty decision, Contact Iblesoft.

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