6 WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your Online Sales

WooCommerce Plugins Help Boost Online Sales WooCommerce, with its range of features, has made it simpler for e-retailers or e-store owners to do more ...

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WooCommerce Plugins Help Boost Online Sales

WooCommerce, with its range of features, has made it simpler for e-retailers or e-store owners to do more with their eCommerce site. With WooCommerce, it is easy to create one’s own online store without the hassle of complex coding. Additionally, there are many plugins that can help owners beautify or customize their site the way they want. Considering the high popularity that WooCommerce has racked up over the last couple of years we thought we’d mention some of its top plugins. So here you have the top six WooCommerce Plugins that can enhance your eCommerce site and as a result boost sales.

1. WooCommerce Wish-List Plugin

You’ve ever had the issue of not knowing what to get someone for a gift? I think we all have. That is why the WooCommerce wish list plugin is ideal. With it, online visitors can add products they like or wish to buy to a personal wish list. However, not only can they add their favorite products, they can also share the list with their family or friends on social networks or email. This helps build a strong brand rapport and also guarantees a “return visit.” For guests, the list remains active for a month and for registered users, the list is indefinite. As a result, visitors are more likely to become registered users in order to keep wish lists ready for a special occasion. This way family and friends too can simply check a wish list to figure out what to buy and as far as marketing goes there’s nothing as effective as word of mouth. 

2. Review for Discount Plugin

Increasing product reviews can be a challenging task. Often, customers simply buy but don’t take the time to write reviews. Sometimes people may even choose to just write only to express a bad experience. By using the “Review for Discount” plugin, sellers can encourage their customers to write what they feel about the products they bought in return for a good discount. The discount codes are automatically generated for them. So next time, they’d be automatically entitled to a discount from any product on your online store. Who can say no to a good discount?

3. WooCommerce Social Login

Nowadays people can’t go a single day without checking or posting on social media. Social networking is the newest and fastest way for online businesses to communicate with their market. It’s hard to find anyone without a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. Therefore, for customers who visit your site may prefer log in quickly using one of their social accounts as a convenience. So here comes the role of this great Social plugin. The Social Login plugin allows visitors to sign up or sign in to your online store using their social media credentials. This is a benefit to both customers and businesses. As a business you can use the customer information to personalize and improve their online experience as well as optimize your online store.

4. Gift Cards Plugin

Gift Cards are one of the most creative ways to help enhance sales. They encourage your customers to continue shopping on your site. By using the Gift Card Plugin you are also unlocking a hidden profit. The hidden profit is that most buyers fail to cash in their gift cards. Either way, you can benefit immensely from this plugin as it too leads to a strong customer relationship.   

5. Search Bar Plugin

Online shoppers may not want to search for the products they have lost track on from your site. If they don’t have a simple way of getting back to what they’re interested in, then they may navigate to other sites. Therefore, its important to give your customers the option to search what they want in terms of color, size, price range etc. This will send them to what they are looking to buy and help complete the purchase. It also helps recommend similar items so they can have more buying options. 

6. Olark Live Chat Plugin

Last but not least, Live Chat can make your customers more attracted to your site. This free plugin can help your team chat with both visitors and customers. This allows your customer representatives to provide support, answer questions and enhance user experience which in turn increases sales.  

Before You Go

Some other interesting plugins are WooCommerce Google Analytics Plugin, WooCommerce Bookings, SendinBlue Add-On, Product Inquiry, Abandoned CartLite along with many others that are also made to help boost sales and business revenue. If you have any questions about how these plugins work or need eCommerce development services then contact us today. We have a team of professional developers dedicated to building eCommerce websites and eCommerce solutions in order to help your online business grow. 

So don’t miss out on those sales you might be losing and get in touch with IbleSoft today! Our Business is Your Solution.