StrongerRx Case Study

About StrongerRx StrongerRx was built by athletes with a vision to see the world of fitness come together to wear a brand that signifies champions.  A...

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About StrongerRx

StrongerRx was bIblesoft uilt by athletes with a vision to see the world of fitness come together to wear a brand that signifies champions.  As in any sport, there’s competition, there is sweat, excitement and glory.  Designed to inspire professional and weekend athletes, StrongerRx fitness clothing is built with the most reliable and effective materials to help athletes perform better. 

The Challenge

StrongerRx was in a spiral where technology inefficiencies were creating financial losses. Two of the main factors that were limiting the client’s performance were:

  1. Bad coding practices affecting their SEO ranking. This decline in the search engines had been negatively affecting their web sales.
  2. Their inventory software was not synchronizing with Magento.

To update inventory on Magento, they had to login to their inventory software and download a CSV file to then upload it to Magento.  This process consumed too much time and not done as frequently as it should.  As a result, some products showed up as available when in fact they were not.

The Solution

First we had to rebuild the website from its foundation. To ensure it was 100% “SEO-friendly”, we did a clean install with a totally new template redesign.  Then, all product data and content was cleaned and transferred to the new website.  Once complete, we launched the website from a new server. The new server optimized Magento stores to improve site performance and enhance their falling SEO ranking.

Synchronizing Inventory Software with Magento

We also found and installed a Magento extension for their inventory software. That way every night the available stock in Magento was synchronized with the warehouse inventory managed by their software solution.

Modifying the Inventory software extension

This extension automatically synchronized with the QoH (Quantity on Hand) which sometimes differed from the available inventory. This is exactly what the client needed.  We contacted the company that created the extension and they told us they would not be able to modify or customize it.  However, we worked around it with an edit to the logic of the extension’s API to show available inventory instead of the QoH (Quantity on Hand).

Force “Sync Inventory”

The Client was facing another problem though.  There were times when their retailers ordered product that was listed available in Magento, but in fact had been sold and no longer in stock. We created a button within the Magento Admin panel that allowed the Client to “force sync” the inventory list in Magento with the inventory software. Instead, this could be done manually at any time rather than only at 12 AM each night.

Registration for “Out of Stock” Items

Rather than refusing sales on “out of stock” items, StrongerRx wanted to create a custom form to allow visitors to save products. We were able to comply by letting customers provide an email address to be notified when that product becomes available.

The Result

With a more efficient inventory control system and effective website, the client stopped the momentum on their losses. Within months after launching the new website they were back on a path of growth and becoming a profitable business once again.

For further information, please visit us at www.iblesoft.com