Pygmaleon Case Study

About Pygmaleon Pygmaleon is an online platform that facilitates domestic and international transactions between buyers and sellers of goods and servi...

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About Pygmaleon

Pygmaleon isIblesoft an online platform that facilitates domestic and international transactions between buyers and sellers of goods and services by combining a source of Marketing, eCommerce and Friendly Logistics.

The Challenge

When it comes to online buying decisions, the look and feel of a site, proper use of technology and ease of use are key factors for sales. Pygmaleon was seeking a partner with expertise in eCommerce development, order management, B2B & mobile commerce, shipping integrations, channel integration & payment integration and a PCI compliance. Basically, a company that stays on top of the latest trends and ideas in the world of online retail.

Pygmaleon also needed an online ordering system for their consumers and wholesale customers to sell a variety of products including clothes, books, perfumes & fragrances and shoes from both smaller manufacturers and world leading brands.

Furthermore, they wanted a platform that could…

  • Easily manage the products of a variety of brands
  • Offer robust B2B/B2C features
  • Provide built-in marketing tools tosuccessfully help sellers
  • Offer promotions to wholesale customers
  • Apply credits to customer accounts
  • Apply and credit commissions for affiliate referrals
  • Offer merchant membership tiers with unique workflow patterns

The Solution

This project took our development team far beyond the standard elements of Magento eCommerce development.  Since Pygameleon was similar to Amazon, it required an array of custom modifications, API’s and workflow automations to make it work.  Iblesoft, worked in conjunction with its strategic branding and digital marketing partner Concept eBiz. They helped drive the technological strategy so then we could successfully program and implement the required functionality into Pygmaleon and bring this client’s vision to reality.

Also, a seller’s portal with a tiered membership plan was developed and implemented with custom workflow automation. Therefore, additional features, functionality, affiliate commissions, product limitations and other criteria would depend on the membership level.  Other customizations were built into the workflow to assist with international logistics. As well as a custom API built to connect Pygmaleon with other eCommerce platforms to streamline the product listing process and promote digital communication.

Custom programming helped sellers better promote their items with suggestive advertising creatives.  Additionally, in order to promote the site through search engines, advanced marketing and promotional strategies were implemented to enhance B2B and B2C sales.  A MageStore gift card extension promoted sales too by creating custom gift cards and custom rules for wholesale customer promotions.

The Result

Pygmaleon is a complete and functional online marketplace ready to handle unlimited product listings. They meet the Marketing and Logistics requirements of sellers all over the world.  Today Pygmaleon continues to see gradual growth built upon the complex foundation of technology and eCommerce functionality of their site.

For further information, please visit us at www.iblesoft.com