The Human Psychology of Web Design

So exactly how does human psychology affect web design? Getting your website designed or redesigned to create and improve your online business presenc...

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So exactly how does human psychology affect web design?

Getting your website designed or redesigned to create and improve your online business presence is great. But, did you know that designs in accordance with human psychology can help you get more benefits? Yes, that is true. Human psychology really plays a pivotal role in making your web design work for you the way you expect it to. It can help you attract customers when you understand their psychology and present them with the things they need.

By working on a few of the crucial human behavioral factors you can easily turn your web visitors into loyal customers. They would be happy to come back to your site again and again and take the services or buy the products you offer them.

How to Deliver a Superior Experience to Your Customers

Helping your customers receive a superior web experience from your site can be easy. By focusing on the following factors you can make an undeniable impression on their minds and also increase your revenue.

Site Layout

Make it as simple as possible. Do not complicate things for your customers. They may not like it. By complications, we mean adding too many sections or sub sections in places such as headers, right and left sidebars, footer area etc. Don’t just fill up spaces with images or videos. Let your visitors feel good by giving them something valuable. Try to come up with a minimalist design for your site that is okay with white spaces as well as spaces with the right business-specific images, videos or written text. You also push potential customers in the right direction if you set up your site’s navigation correctly, which means you’ll sell more products. If your navigation frustrates visitors then they will surely leave in a hurry.

Color Palette

Think about what your business is and pick the colors that best complement it. Color schemes can be a great psychological trigger because they touch on emotions. It can pull your customers more towards your website or push away from it. For instance, for most of the IT sites have cool colors such as sky blue with white spaces that show professional approach. Relying on the traditional combinations of red, blue, orange, brown, green etc. may work, but there is nothing wrong to experiment with different color combinations. Make sure to choose the one that will make your customers feel good about your site. Also, use the right color palette consistently across your site and other marketing material.

Describing Your Products / Services

Describe your products or services in an easy-to-understand but effective language. You should know that web visitors tend to not show interest in reading lengthy content. So, be very precise and to the point with less but effective and impressive content. Although, don’t leave out the importance of the About page. A well written, personal and reputable About page was known in previous human psychology studies to build trust with customers who wanted to buy products. They want to read about the company they are buying from to alleviate nerves and feel safe to buy, especially with eCommerce sites.

Necessity of Designing Your Web Content

Designing your content correctly can attract more visitors. Feel free to read about why web content is key in boosting web design to learn more about it. However, for right now it is important to know that human psychology suggests that nearly 80% of web visitors show interest in reading content that present information through interactive infographics, images or videos that are short and innovative. A massive 92.6% of people said they put importance on visual factors. They cared more about it than picking the product up and holding it. So, opt for designing content that will make a good impression on your prospective clients.

Show That You Care About Your Customers

An email address and a phone number might help increase your credibility, but it also helps you display that you care more about your visitors. Human psychology also suggests that a may a person will more likely take the products or services from a company that shows its physical location, numbers or other necessary contact details. It is know that a phone number will make people more emotionally relaxed even though they won’t call you. Testimonials from real people also help build trust from your visitors. Therefore, focus on this aspect and incorporate the necessary information into your site.

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