The Future of Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality? Over the past few years, Virtual Reality, or VR, has drawn a lot of attention across the globe. Media coverage and social med...

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What is Virtual Reality?

Over the past few years, Virtual Reality, or VR, has drawn a lot of attention across the globe. Media coverage and social media has helped increased its growth.  Today, VR is something that promises a great future for applications in science, technology, entertainment and other business development areas. Simply put, virtual reality is sure to create a great impact on people’s lives.  

What Best Describes Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) or often referred to as Virtual Environment (VE) is described as follows:

  • Real-time interactive graphics with 3D Models, created in combination with display technology to enhance user experience. 
  • It is a multi-sensory, immersive experience, providing an illusion of participation in a synthetic environment
  • It centers towards users, to help them barge into another 3D world in real time with direct manipulation.  

In a nutshell, VR is pretty much a computerized replica of physical reality.

The Future is Bright for VR Technology

Virtual Reality has already brought a lot of changes in the way we presently view life. With numerous applications in varied areas of business, engineering, science, designing, medical and many others VR is breaking into new territory. However, VR is not a new concept in the world of technology. Due to the costs involved in creating applications related to VR, it used to be inaccessible to a large number of people. Without development for years it seemed more like a technological myth. But now it is available in the market and continuing to gain momentum. Consequently, the media has dragged it into the eyes of the general public. Even better are the low-budget VR technology demos that have given the general public the opportunity to try it out. The excitement is building for the possibilities and we are already starting to see some results.

By looking at the gaining popularity and attraction we can expect that the use of virtual reality will soon become a part of everyday life. We will see it become a common household trend like Telephones, Radios, TV sets,Video Cameras and Cars also became. 


The world of gaming has already incorporated a big chunk of VR technology and without a doubt it has affected this industry tremendously. In years to come, it is expected to move forward to a much higher position within the gaming industry.

Communication / Collaboration

Virtual reality already formed a great impact on communication and collaboration within enterprises. Employees in offices at different locations can communicate in a different and innovative way. Physical meetings can be affect by distance, timing and various other obstacles. Now they can be effectively replaced with virtual reality technology. Meetings can easily take place in a unique and reliable virtual space. There are even possibilities of virtual phone conversations, virtual mailing and many others. Think about it. Since these communication paradigms are not restricted by distance, they are being adopted by a large number of organizations, which will surely lead to more growth in the future. Not to mention a more efficient work environment.


It seems weird to think that VR is already in motion within our education system. Virtual universities and a large number of training courses such as sports coaching, driver license, military training, astronauts training and many more are available online. This is a form of Virtual Reality that can positively impact our nation’s educational outreach within different age groups. We are also now seeing virtual k-12 schools offering at home education.  

Retrieving Data / Information / Processing and Searching

VR is offering access to virtual libraries (not limited to just books but films, stock-exchange, data etc.). Therefore, in days to come local libraries might become virtual libraries and offer easy access to all sorts of information. And the best part is being able to access it wherever and whenever you’d like. 

Another prediction for the future of Virtual Reality technology is that it will slowly replace a majority of passive activities such as reading, listening to music or watching movies. It is possible that all of these activities or other associated activities will be unified into one huge virtually multimedia system. The possibilities seem to be endless with Virtual Reality, considering we could make a whole other world…Virtually.

To know more about what we, at IbleSoft, could offer with this innovative technology, please contact us.The future of technology is bright and we want to help guide you through it. So, stay connected by following us on our social media for more Iblesoft Solutions.