The Financial Benefits of Cloud Computing

The cloud has impacted virtually all businesses. Its created a new era of great efficiency in business as well as low costs and responsiveness. Nowada...

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The cloud has impacted virtually all businesses. Its created a new era of great efficiency in business as well as low costs and responsiveness. Nowadays, more and more businesses are relying on cloud computing for all their business operations. Regardless of the way you look at it, cloud computing is a great way to gain control of your business and save money.

However, although all businesses can gain some of its benefits, the greatest beneficiaries are small businesses and home offices. Therefore, we wanted to share the financial benefits that small businesses can gain from cloud computing.

An Answer to Ballooning Costs

Introduction to any new technology in business requires investment. To be honest, a big investment. Many firms are incredibly strained by the rising costs of investing in people, infrastructure, security and management.

When you choose cloud services, you free yourself from infrastructure costs, administration and management costs, security and set up challenges.

But, when it comes to making cloud an integral business strategy then costs stop to rise. With an increasing number of service providers, its become easier for any-size businesses to be on the cloud. 

No Infrastructure Costs

When you opt for cloud computing you get access to a pre-existing IT infrastructure. You have the option to scale it up or down as per your business needs. You can also subscribe for computing capacity, data storage and the bandwidth necessary to run your business.

However, setting up your own cloud IT infrastructure is a tough task. It should be done by a cloud computing expert. When you decide to go with a service provider like Iblesoft then you can have your business on the cloud in a matter of a few hours. This is a great move for startups and home offices because then they can hit the ground running without having to invest much money or wait days, weeks or even months for set up.

Scale Down Operational Costs

As your business grows so do your operational costs. Small businesses may need to setup or configure high-level workstations or require more computers for servers as they grow. These growing pains could lead to higher power costs plus other management and security costs.

Data centers sometimes cost more than they should because idle servers waste energy which raises power costs. But with cloud computing you can minimize these costs because your service provider takes care of it. Or at least charges you less than you’d spend on a data center. You can even reinvest your saved money on other integral business processes and multiply your benefits.  

Reduce Overheads

Cloud services are comparatively cost-effective since businesses don’t have to invest in manpower. Moreover, operations through cloud computing can be managed easily and require less or no training at all. That means you don’t need to hire a special IT team for the same. Moving to the cloud does incur a cost for the service provider’s staffing costs. But it’s normally cheaper than hiring an in-house team. 

Also, anyone at your office can learn to work through the cloud. That way you don’t have to worry about letting people go. On the contrary, with cloud computing resources like the IT department can be allocated to other areas that can help you reach greater heights in business. 

Enhance Productivity

Businesses that move to the cloud operate more productively. That’s a fact. These days, for many enterprises, the benefit of a flexible working model on the cloud is greater than saving money. Cloud computing gives them the opportunity to tweak their usage needs based on their business operations to meet every business challenge.

Cloud computing also brings savings in costs through an increased level of production. By using cloud computing your workloads will run more smoothly because they will share server infrastructure with other organizations’ computing needs. It ultimately lets your service provider optimize its data center hardware needs as a way of reducing more costs for you.

Running your own servers could lead to buying expensive hardware or duplicating everything if there’s network issues. Idle spare hardware like we mentioned before wastes power and becomes an unnecessary cost. Clouds have several data center locations with all your data and applications in least two, at all times. Cloud computing solves this issue at a lower cost, with higher convenience and in an eco-friendly way.

Cloud Computing with Iblesoft

It’s true that different businesses have different cloud requirements. But, that’s why cloud computing comes with various pricing models that in one way or another make moving to the cloud budget-friendly.

There are various deployment models, with affordable pricing such as private cloud, hybrid cloud or community cloud. However, choosing the right platform will determine the level of success in your business.

In addition to the platform, businesses also have options when selecting their own cost-effective cloud service models. They can select SaaS (Software as a Service), Paas (Platform as a Service) or IaaS (Cloud Infrastructure as a Service) as their model.  

At Iblesoft we offer Cloud Computing services as well as Cloud Consulting services. Our expert cloud consultants can help you figure out what cloud solution is best for your business. Our cloud services on the other hand will help businesses enhance their operations and save money at the same time since everything connected to an “effective cloud” will be taken care by us.

Get in touch with Iblesoft to gain the financial benefits that come with Cloud Computing.

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