The Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

Web design and web development are often used interchangeably, however these are two major and separate entities of a website. A website can’t b...

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Web design and web development are often used interchangeably, however these are two major and separate entities of a website. A website can’t be complete without one or the other. Together, web design and web development make up a site’s front and backend. But, which is which?

Web Design

Web design is not the same thing as web development. Design is all about the look and feel of a website. By the look and feel we mean the color palette of the site, the images, graphics, videos or anything and everything that can enhance its physical beauty. Web design is a science focused on presenting a site to users well enough to create an everlasting impression. In technical terms, it is the front end of the site because it is what people see and interact with.The front-end of a website includes things such as banners, images, text, menu, footers, links, etc. The creators of such things are known as web designers. They are trained to know all about how to attract visitors just with awesome designs.

The Artistry of Web Designers

A good web designer always has the skills to use a combination of colors in a unique way in order to represent a business in the most impressive way. Often, web designers use software such as Photoshop, DreamWeaver, Illustrator, FireWorks and other graphic editing tools. Designers can also possess some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS or javascript. By using these tools they are able to make the skeletal structure of a site or in simpler words, the layout of a site.  

An expert designer must also know the principles of web designing, such as:

  • Balance
  • Contrast
  • Emphasis
  • Rhythm/Patterns
  • Unity

You can relate to web designers whenever you use filters to edit a picture for Instagram. It may not be at the same technical level, but the idea is the same. You use the different brightness, contrast, shadows, colors etc. to enhance the picture for more likes. Imagine having to design a website to bring in hundreds of thousands of likes and followers. It isn’t such a simple task, but that is where web development can help out.

Web Development

Web development however is all about coding. That is why web development is referred to as the back-end of a site which include markup languages, scripting, and programming that run behind a web page. Consequently, programming takes over for designing. An image created by a designer, not matter how beautiful, may not be visible without proper coding. The code programmers are known as developers. So, a designer gives the developer a perfectly designed layout, but its their job to make it function well. Developers know how to program all sorts of designs using simple to advanced coding languages such as HTML, PHP, JAVA, Drupal etc.

Therefore, front-end functionality relies on back-end functionality. If a developer makes a mistake then the effect will be immediately seen on the front-end with a distorted layout. Hence, proper programing is crucial, especially for responsive and mobile-friendly sites. 

A Web Developers Challenge

Static sites may not require complex coding, but dynamic sites with interconnected applications, can be tough to code. For instance, consider an eCommerce site like Amazon that has three different interfaces. The designer focuses on the front-end and other internal aspects, but here the developer needs to focus on adding three different layers and three different interfaces from the backend. The first interface would be for the admin who will have full control over the site. The second would be for the sellers who will upload their products on the site. The third is for the users or the consumers who can create their account and buy products.

As you can see, web design and web development go hand in hand. A small flaw either in design or development can lead to a less effective site. So, be careful when hiring people to build your site. You want to look for a team that knows both aspects.

Not to mention that you have to look to hire people from opposite spectrums. Web designers are highly creative, artistic, persistent and optimistic. They like to think outside the box and focus on aesthetics. Web developers rely on technical knowledge Iblesoft and are logical, analytical, patient and receptive. Each one has knowledge and expertise on completely different softwares and programs. You need both sides to build a site you will be proud of.

Hire Iblesoft experts who know what it takes to design and develop beautiful, customer-friendly, mobile-friendly and responsive sites.

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