AKupAbove.com Case Study

About AKupAbove.com AKupAbove.com is a Magento Store that sells coffee related products. As an eCommerce driven business, Akupabove.com uses a drop sh...

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About AKupAbove.com

AKupAbove.com is a MIblesoft agento Store that sells coffee related products. As an eCommerce driven business, Akupabove.com uses a drop ship fulfillment model with four different drop ship partners around the United States. They have everything from the best coffee beans to the finest coffee makers.

The Challenge

The store had launched over a year before they contacted us. However, their eCommerce website was making it difficult to sell online for a variety of reasons.  Also, they wanted to use Magento as a more effective tool in growing their business.

Two of the main factors that were limiting the client’s performance were:

  1. Their online store was not mobile friendly
  2. The drop-ship orders were not automated so the entire ordering process was slow

To run an efficient system, it was vital to integrate Magento directly with the drop-ship distributors that they worked with. The idea was to automate the data migration process in order to eliminate receiving manual orders and send them directly to each merchant for fulfillment.

The Solution

After reviewing multiple software solutions for drop shipping and eCommerce automation that integrate with Magento, we ended up recommending Duoplane. Duoplane is the leading provider of drop shipping and operations automation software for eCommerce retailers. By discussing and understanding the client’s needs, we were able to accurately evaluate which solutions would be best for them.  With a redesign of their Magento site coupled with an integration of Duoplane, AKupAbove.com was able to process online orders and automate their transfer to the appropriate drop ship partner for fulfillment.

The Result

AKupAbove.com was able to streamline their processes. They were able to meet their goals of selling and drop shipping their entire inventory of about 400 products that were packed and shipped from 4 distinct drop ship companies.  This resulted in tremendous time and cost savings as well as a more efficient business relationship with their drop ship partners.

Additionally, since the new website had a mobile-friendly and user-friendly interface, AKupAbove.com had an almost immediate 100% growth in online sales.

For further information, please visit us at www.iblesoft.com