Why Your eCommerce Business Needs a Blog

Once upon a time, blogging was a way to express an individual’s thoughts, life experiences or tell a story. However, slowly but surely, blogging has d...

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Once upon a time, blogging was a way to express an individual’s thoughts, life experiences or tell a story. However, slowly but surely, blogging has drifted into the business world as a form of content marketing. We know what you’re thinking, ‘yeah that might be true but I don’t want to or have the time to write a blog.’ That’s understandable, however you’re missing out on the benefits of blogging and no it’s not just about selling. There’s more to a blog then that…especially for an eCommerce Business.

Now, we know you’re passionate about your products so why not find out what blogging about them can do for your eCommerce Business.

Dominating Search Engine Ranking

When people think of e-stores they think of pictures of products with short and simple descriptions. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Those simple product descriptions may be effective enough to explain a product, however search engines don’t consider them SEO-friendly. This is a huge reason why using a blog is ideal for your eCommerce Business.

With interesting blog posts circling around your products, your site ranks higher, which in turn makes it easier to reach target markets. Blogging is a sure way to continuously improve your business’s search engine presence. Plus, the beautiful thing about blog posts is that they can be tactfully optimized to meet all the necessary search engine standards using keywords. As a result, your site is a step closer to popping up on the first page of “search results” for your set keywords.

Additionally, the more you post, the more pages your site will have with internal links. Search engines crawl for websites with links, specific phrasing, and content related to the keywords that people are searching for. Your blog posts will help your site rank & drive traffic because every time you write a post it becomes an additional indexed page that search engines associate with your business. Also, search engines look for updated content because it means the site is active. So even if you only post once a week search engines will automatically wan to rank your eCommerce site higher.

Driving Higher Traffic to Drive Higher Sales  

Blogging also has the power to bring your site more traffic. Not just, any traffic, but rather targeted traffic. As an eCommerce Business owner you know how important targeted traffic is for business. Targeted traffic is pretty much the backbone of eCommerce sales. By incorporating a blog into your eCommerce site you can drive a higher volume of targeted traffic for almost all of the major and minor product related keywords.

In fact, it’s probably a smart way to market a product before the customer even reaches your e-store. Once they reach your e-store they will already have an interest in what you have to offer which is way more likely to increase sales.


You may wondering how blogging can be attributed to branding. But, trust us, there is a connection. Blogging directly helps an eCommerce business acquire a greater customer base. However, in order to see such results your posts need to be informative about your industry, products, services etc. You need to post about whatever you believe will give value not only to your customers, but your brand as well.

Customers are searching for a certain product online because they’re interested in more than just buying it, they want to learn about it. By giving them valuable information regarding the product while at the same time giving them a glimpse into your brand will make them more likely to buy and keep coming back! A blog can help you create both a positive brand image and strong brand loyalty.

Innovative Marketing

Blogging makes it easier for eCommerce business entrepreneurs to market their products in an innovative way.  It’s obvious that site visitors who see nutshell information about your products won’t really get all the facts they’re looking for. Of course however elaborating about the qualities of the products in detail is a better strategy to raise conversion rates.

This doesn’t mean that you should only blog about your products. You can certainly post about other intriguing things that can help sell your products or simply attract a customer’s attention. For instance, if you are selling swimming goggles online then you could write about the product, but also write about its advantages, how it’s made, product comparisons, post a tutorial video, add cool graphics and images. You could even announce upcoming sales, talk about other complimentary products or events your business is a part of, the best places to go snorkeling, tips to clean your goggles… there’s a lot of possibilities.

Engaging Customers

A blog is also a great platform to tell a story about your business. You can always write about your brand’s story, your history or past experiences in a way that attract’s a customer’s attention and let’s them make an emotional connection. By creating an emotional connection you can effectively engage customers with your business. Attractive posts with the option to comment can also help engage customers. Blogging is another way for you to directly interact with customers and keep them engaged. Keeping customers engaged leads to higher conversion rates as well generating that brand loyalty previously mentioned.

Social Media Marketing 

Blogging is often underrated as a form of social media marketing. Marketers can actually use quality posts to share those links on social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. As an eCommerce business you know Pinterest can only go so far and so can posting to promote your site. ‘Read About Us’ posts and Product description tweets get old quick. A blog allows you to write new content and therefore have more to post about on social media.

Also, by connecting your blog posts to your social media then you have a great way to let people share your articles with others. Social media platforms add external links to your eCommerce site which is another big ranking factor. Every link to your site from social media is a signal to search engines that people are talking about your business.

Blogging Prevails

With such great advantages for your eCommerce business it’s almost hard not to start a blog. Blogging lets you show your customers not only the expertise you have about your products. It also shows them how passionate you are about your business. Not to mention the competitive advantages gained from building trust within your customers. Who knows, you might even really enjoy blogging and even gain outside attention from other bloggers. There’s no knowing until you try!

If you don’t how or where to start, then consult with our experts! Iblesoft offers custom web development and integration services so you could have a blog that’s unique to your eCommerce Business. E-mail marketing and cold calling will only take your business so far. Work on increasing your search engine ranking, drive sales and become a leader in your market with our help. We also offer eCommerce consulting and SEO/SEM services that you can serve as tools to help grow your business. So don’t hesitate to Contact Us!

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