The Biggest Tech Trends of 2017 for Business Leaders

All business leaders know it is always necessary to be connected with the latest trends. Especially, the latest Tech Trends. If you are a business own...

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All business leaders know it is always necessary to be connected with the latest trends. Especially, the latest Tech Trends. If you are a business owner then you should have a good idea of what is happening around you and what is driving the world of technology. Therefore, we wanted you to get a head start in the new year. So now, without further ado, here are some of the biggest tech trends for the year 2017.

Tech Trends of 2017

Its the Year of CLOUD 

Cloud services in 2017 will without a doubt become an integral part of firms promoting their businesses online. Cloud adoption, migration and operations will be the driving factor for success for both small or big sized businesses. Why?

The reduction in hosting, tech equipment and infrastructure costs are the primary reasons leading to its growth. With cloud adoption, businesses are expected to be more agile in their operations, collaboration, support services and so much more. Not to mention the growth in device connectivity. The Internet of Things is another big tech trend to look out for because not only is it super cool, its actually very efficient for businesses and everyday life.

Big Data and Security

Data can empower a business or topple it down to the ground. Yes, data is quite tricky, especially big data. But if you handle it correctly and accurately, big data can offer a lot of benefits. We will see many businesses using big data and analytics to measure consumer data in order to make better decisions. With more date comes more risk so we believe data security will also acquire a lot of attention from all businesses.

Wearable Technology

Apple has already made wearable technology one of the most talked-about subject these days. Many industries such as sports and entertainment have began affecting this trend with products like FitBit, but there’s still more to come. Using wearable devices won’t longer be limited to just knowing how many steps you take, pulse rate or what food you eat. In 2017, this technology will see needed improvements to make it more intuitive to daily tasks or business operations.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have acquired a big share of the tech industry in 2016, but its not stopping there. As of now, these two tech trends are at a critical tipping point. They are expected to back up virtually all of the tech investments in future including applications and VR games. It will certainly be an interesting year for machine learning systems. These systems can learn human skills rather than just execute predefined tasks which is a pretty big deal for everyone.  

E-Commerce and its Marketing

E-Commerce platforms, whether small or big, will continue to reign the market. With big players like Magento, Volusion, Shopify, ZenCart and BigCommerce offering customized e-commerce solutions, entrepreneurs have the best opportunity to create their own e-store and promote their business online. But that’s not new.

However, this will be a trend that will continue to expand so more and more businesses will go electronic. If already online, they will expand their marketing strategies to include Social Media marketing, Google Adwords among other forms of digital marketing.

Social Media Presence

Speaking of social media….With people getting more and more obsessed with social media, its imperative for business owners to focus on their social media presence in 2017. Social networking is an important tool for enterprises to pitch their products to prospective customers. It will continue to be a great asset for generating sales and keeping customers engaged.

Digital Content

Today’s consumers visit your webpage and may not show much interest in reading what you are presenting. Therefore, equipping textual content with the right infographics and other interesting media files are what’s needed this year. Digital content in form of videos, graphics or presentations will be assimilated more easily by consumers.

Workforce Evolution

Recently we have seen a shift in the workforce. Employers are looking for part time employees or independent contractors. The common 9-5 office job doesn’t seem to cut for many anymore. As technology advances, it affects more than just the devices we use. Technology affects the way we live our lives. That is why in 2017 employees will look to work from home more than ever before and as an employer that may actually be a good thing.

Remote employees means that as a business leader you can recruit talent from pretty much anywhere. Face to face time or communication is no longer a big issue with all of today’s communication tools. We’ve already seen how Apple, Google and Facebook alone have changed the way people communicate so why not change the way people work too.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality saw a big rise in 2016 and people still want to see what’s to come form this tech trend. In 2017, businesses specifically will see advancements in this technology for training, education, and productivity.

However, the big money is in Augmented reality that is built on top of VR. We saw PokemonGo’s success and now we are in awe of Microsoft’s HoloLens. They’re the “first self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to engage with your digital content and interact with holograms in the world around you.” You gotta admit that’s a tech trend you really want to work with in 2017.


Don’t stop there though. We all have seen how well tech toys can do in the market. Last year’s must have toy was a drone. You couldn’t go to a mall anywhere and not see drones. Yet, in 2017 they will be used for more than just a past time. Businesses like Amazon are looking at drones as a way of enhancing customer experiences.

Some are even using drones as a way to shoot promotional videos, deliver packages and give property tours. This year we will see how drone technology will become a part of our future.

Going Green

The Industrial Revolution was one of the most important movements in US history. It is where machines changed people’s way of life as well as their methods of manufacturing. But back then no one was focused on the carbon footprint left behind. They just wanted to keep building and growing. That worked back then, but not today.

We continue to grow and build, yet people are highly concerned about the effect its having on our environment. Consumers now care if your business is socially conscious. They want to know that your business isn’t hurting the environment and if its helping people. This may not scream tech trends of 2017 but it sure seems like going green is a smart business move. That means adopting technology that is environmentally friendly alongside products and their packaging.

Business Mobility

Finally, we will see a rise in the number of service providers who offer business mobility solutions. The competition in the market is already at its peak. Firms are struggling to provide the best workplace solutions for their employees and manage their business functions more efficiently. Businesses are expected to provide workflow enhancements through custom built systems, automation and adopting new technology.

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