Pros and Cons of Hybrid App Development

The use of different technologies to produce a valuable app is rapidly becoming a major industry trend. However, there’s always a question of sh...

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The use of different technologies to produce a valuable app is rapidly becoming a major industry trend. However, there’s always a question of should it be a native, web, or hybrid app. Native apps tend to be the most popular for mobile development because since it uses a single operating system it follows specific guidelines for better performance. While a web app is usually the fastest to develop so to some its the most convenient.

When developing a hybrid app, generally, technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS are embedded into the mobile ecosystems of Android or Apple. These technologies merge to result in the best native and mobile web app development strategies, techniques and standards. In simple words, hybrid app development is a combination of two or three of these different technologies to build a functional app that’s more intuitive and perfectly leverages both web and native web technologies.

Like a coin, hybrid app development also has two sides. We listed some of its major pros and cons to help you decide if hybrid app development is for you.

However, you will see that the benefits it provides prevail.

Hybrid App Pros

Ease of Access

Hybrid Apps, like native apps, are ingrained with the capabilities to access data that devices may pick up using their Camera or GPS. It also comes with the intuitive properties of push notifications.  This means that a hybrid can access not only a device, but its operating system features as well.

Freedom of Work

Whether online or offline, hybrid apps can function on both due to its native infrastructure. During offline mode, users may not have the option to upload or send data, but they can view previously loaded data. However, anything loaded during its offline mode can only be sent when the app goes live again.

Easy Development

Hybrid development is preferred for its easy development. Unlike web or native apps, you only need one code base for multiple platforms so enterprises can have their app developed faster and easier.


Depending upon your business needs, new functionalities can always be added. Enterprises often go hybrid because they know they can scale it based on their business requirements.

Cross Platform Advantage

Although often enough, businesses do go for separate apps – one for iOS users and the other for Android users. Which is okay, but with hybrid app, there is no need to build two separate apps. Also, by utilizing web technology developers can use responsive web designs so the app can function effectively on various screen types.

Cutting Down Costs

The biggest factor for any app development project is the cost. Business owners that are well established and may have many revenue channels may not have a problem investing on app development. However, for startups, small and mid-sized firms, it can be a challenge since they may have things to consider before making that investment. This is where the best advantage about hybrid app comes into place. With hybrid apps there are considerably less costs! Business owners may not have to pay more for the same. But it is necessary that enterprises contact the service provider who can help them get a higher return on their investment.

In a nutshell, hybrid apps for business mean:

  • Superior quality
  • Offline capabilities
  • Less cost & risk
  • Faster turnaround time

Hybrid App Cons

We all know that all good things come with a cost. In the case of hybrid app development, the costs aren’t monetary, but rather some disadvantages.  To keep it simple we listed the cons of hybrid apps below.

  • They may not support complex functionalities
  • It can be difficult to develop a multi-functionality app without some performance issues
  • They do not support all operating system features
  • Acceptance level at the app store can be low because it lacks a native feel

Performance problems, glitches and other component related issues can always be resolved but only if you have the help of experienced hybrid app developers. If you are looking for a reliable app development firm then you can rely on IbleSoft. We are specialized in developing any type of app and have years of experience to prove it.

To know more about our app development services, please email us to info@iblesoft.com or click here to Contact Us.