Stages of Product Development

It is essential that product development follows business standards and development procedures. The following inseparable product development steps le...

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It is essential that product development follows business standards and development procedures.

The following inseparable product development steps lead to a quality product and the expected level of automation, ease and transparency:

Stage 1

Inventing New Concepts

The first stage in product development begins with a new concept. If you are an entrepreneur that wants to make work simpler for your employers or want to reach out to new customers the easy way; you need to gather and re-gather different concepts that promote great success. Once you have a concept of what the product will be you can start thinking about moving to the next stage. Although this is a preliminary stage we recommend having rigorous marketing knowledge, such as what will be your target market, they type of market (is it saturated?), what it may require or how it may unfold in days to come and so on.

Stage 2

Logical Selection

You may have various ideas of your own or ideas which your employees might have shared with you or the ideas you receive in form of feedback, suggestions, recommendations from your clients. With the Stage 1 concept, research and knowledge, you need to weave out the best idea – one that is rational, achievable and practical.

Stage 3

Skeletal Structure

Preparing a dummy version of the product in order to get a 360 view of the concept or the idea is essential. Developing a prototype can have major advantages. Moreover, this gives entrepreneurs a chance to see what it can look like and what to expect from it once it goes live. Also, it helps figure out any aesthetic problems it needs to have fixed.

Stage 4

Design and Develop

Once you are sure of the advantages it might bring for your company or the kinks it needs fixed, you can select the right team to begin developing your product. Designing and developing a product should be in strict accordance to the principles of the product development process. The real purpose of the product should not be left out. It should always be given importance.

Stage 5


It is always necessary to test the product at all stages of its development. Testing should be done on all aspects connected to it. Only proper testing can lead to good results by weeding out the errors, bugs, glitches or flaws that must have crept into the process while it was under development. Remember, products that are not tested under the correct standards bring in plenty problems that will be harder to tackle in the future. Not to mention that it poses detrimental effects on the success of the product.

Stage 6


Next, the product should be deployed once it successfully passes through all the stages of testing. Its deployment need to fall under your business needs.

Stage 7


No product can make its journey to success until or unless it is marketed the right way. Marketing products, such as B2C (Business to Customers) products, is always necessary. Entrepreneurs need to adopt the right strategy to market their product so that it reaches a large customer base.

Stage 8


Continuously analyzing how it works and how customers have responded to it is another essential part, even if the product has been developed. Properly analyzing the sales data can help implement or enhance new or existing marketing strategies.

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