The New Apple Technology & its Features

When it comes to Apple, everybody goes…Wow! Apple is undoubtedly a favorite brand for millions and millions across the globe. With the aim to continuo...

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When it comes to Apple, everybody goes…Wow!

Apple is undoubtedly a favorite brand for millions and millions across the globe. With the aim to continuously surprise its customers, make them feel happy and satisfied, Apple continues to set new trends in field of technology. Its latest products outflank the competition and grow expeditiously to the next level for an improved customer experience.

There is plenty to talk about when it comes to Apple’s new and exciting technology innovations like the:

  • 9.7 Inch and 12.9 Inch Ipad Pro
  • iPhone SE (special edition)
  • iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6 S & iPhone 6 S Plus
  • and of course the Apple Watch and Apple Airpods

Let us look into our crystal ball for exciting features to come from the two biggest Apple inventions.

The iPhone & the Apple Watch have taken the world by storm, but why?

iPhone 7 – The Continuos Evolution of an Innovation

The iPhone has seen itIblesoft s deal of evolution through a very short amount of time, if you really think about it. We were introduced to the iPhone back in 2007 and have seen a new version almost every year since. Yet, people still flock to get the newest version even though the design is pretty similar every time. The reason are the behind the craze is its features.

The iPhone 7 has plenty of new features, difficult to cover in our small write-up here, but what makes it more unique include:

THE GOOD – Improved front and rear cameras — now with optical image stabilization — for higher quality photos, especially in low light. Water resistant. A faster processor. Better battery life. More onboard storage than the iPhone 6 for the same price.

THE OKAY – No headphone jack, however there are wired headphones in the box. There’s a click-free home button that’s new. Only the larger 7 Plus has the dual camera. Shiny jet-black version scratches easily so a cover is highly recommended.

THE FINAL PRODUCT – The iPhone 7’s newest camera, longer battery life and water/dust resistance improvements are worthwhile upgrades to a familiar phone design. 

Apple Watch – A Breakthrough in Wearable Device TechnologyIblesoft

The smart watch was the first-ever wearable device from Apple. It created an uproar of excitement with its launch on April 24, 2015. With its goal to make people free from having to carry their phone everywhere, it attracted a lot of people.

THE GREAT– It comes with a digital crown, brilliant touchscreen with latest force touch technology, capable of sending messages, receiving and making phone calls, receiving notifications through paired iPhone. Beautifully constructed. Handles messages well. A solid fitness tracker. Hundreds of apps. Can send and receive voice calls via an iPhone. Lots of design choices. Apple Pay-enabled. Stores music for local playback over Bluetooth. The feature “Glances” make it easier for the users to swipe between pages of information. Users can send content from their watch to an OS X Device or iOS Device. It can also acts as a viewfinder for you.

THE OKAY – Battery only lasts a little more than a day. Most models and configurations cost more than they should. Requires an iPhone to work. Many apps load slowly.There are some default apps such as phone, email, message, gallery (photos), maps, calendar, music, reminders, stock, wallet, remote (allow users to control iTunes and the latest Apple TV) but it lacks a built-in GPS.

THE FINAL PRODUCT – A year old and even more affordable, the Apple Watch remains the best designed and most capable smart watch you can buy. However, Apple still has a long way to go to make it more of a must-have product.

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