What is New with Apple’s iOS 10?

Apple’s new iOS 10 update has people obsessed with texting their friends…now more than ever. But more than that, its new features are enou...

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Apple’s new iOS 10 update has people obsessed with texting their friends…now more than ever. But more than that, its new features are enough to make any iPhone user say WHOA.

There are a host of hidden functionalities, the option of third-party tool integration and many more updates that app maniacs love to explore. So let’s do it. 

Spam Detection and Voicemail Transcription

Don’t want to listen to voicemail? Well, with iOS 10, you can easily translate your voicemails into text.  Don’t want to be bothered by marketing or spam calls from an unsolicited caller? Well, you’re in luck because with iOS 10 you can filter or block spam phone calls.

The new update allows iPhone users to simply download an app that hooks into their iOS system functions in order to block unwanted calls. Since this functionality is new there are few apps available that can do this, but the fact that it’s happening is a great step in the right direction.

Apple Music with Personalized Playlists

With a better categorization of My Favorites Mix, My New Music Mix and other category options, it has moved more towards enhancing the experience for music lovers. It also allows you to read the lyrics while the song is being played.

Improved VoIP Services

Apple knows that their users use more than just one particular app to make voice calls. People can make calls using Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger or Slack among others. With iOS 10 all these type of calls will look more like native phone calls. People will have the option to save their calls as favorites or view the recent calls list.

Sharing Links

Apple iOS 10 upgraded its visualization model with links present in messages being sent. If your message includes a URL then the message on the screen will come with a corresponding image pulled from the URL with relevant text.  Just like, how when we share a link on Google Blog Posts, Facebook Posts, and Twitter Posts we see the image being pulled in from the site and the text too.

Relevant Suggestions from QuickType

QuickType has improved a lot more with the ability to suggest more relevant options. If anyone wants to know where you are then your QuickType can suggest to drop a pin revealing your location to that person. Similarly, if anyone asks you for a number that is part of your contact list then QuickType can look for it to share. Moreover, if anyone is looking to meet with you, QuickType can check your calendar and let you know whether you have any appointments pending, if not then it can schedule the meeting.  

Facial Recognition Doesn’t have to be Creepy Anymore

The iOS 10 update takes all those photos of your friends or your selfies and places them in a separate People Section under your Photo’s Album Tab, where they’re flawlessly organized for a better experience. You can even search for photos just from names or things present in them. It basically organizes your best life moments for your convenience.

Redesigned Maps for Convenience of Users

The Maps App now takes restaurant table reservations as well as taxi cab orders by integrating with the respective app. Smart proactive suggestions from Maps could not have gotten better with suggestions for the fastest route to reach your preferred destination.

This redesigned iOS 10 Map lets you better know your surroundings by informing about approaching gas stations, food joints and cafes along your way.

Take Your Messages to the Next Level

There are plenty of new features which make iMessage more visual and interactive than ever before. The iMessage upgrade might have been the most updated aspect of iOS 10, which is probably why people are so excited about it. First and foremost, users can receive suggestions as to which words can be replaced with an Emoji, making texting faster and more fun.

But the fun part doesn’t stop there.Users can also add cool animations along with Birthday wishes or a simple Congratulations message to make it an exciting message. You can excite your friends or family with a Happy Birthday! that comes with balloons or confetti all over the screen. You could even make it more personal with a handwritten message or fancy with a different font style.

Not to mention the new ways to express a message. You can build a mystery message with invisible ink or an angry text with the slam effect or maybe even a sweet message with the gentle effect. You could even step it up with a heart pop up bubble. On top of all that you can even draw over videos and express your feelings by sending fireballs, heartbeats, sketches and GIFs. Who doesn’t love a good GIF! Apple has even made it easier to share music with your friends through iMessage based on your Apple Music. Long gone are the days where getting you could only get your message across through text.

 Introducing Handy Widgets

Wait, there’s more? Oh yeah. A really cool new feature lets users check the weather, read top news stories, enable maps, check your calendar/reminders, even the stock market all before unlocking your phone. It’s also easier to open suggested apps through this handy lock screen widget. Interestingly, these widgets are animated and expandable. Users can play videos and other multimedia from the widget and add other widgets. Just use your 3D touch on your favorite app icon and then tap on Add Widget. It’s that easy.

There are many other interesting features and functionalities that have won the hearts of users such as:

  • A multilingual keyboard
  • Convenient online payment option (Apple Pay)
  • Excellent Photo Editing Features
  • Improved navigation order for Maps
  • Addition of third-party extensions for Maps
  • Split view of Safari (for Ipad users)
  • Music and Camera can run simultaneously (before iOS 10, you couldn’t launch the camera without stopping any audio)

Believe it or not these are just some of the coolest new features of Apple’s iOS 10, we can’t wait to see what else Apple has in store for all of us in the future. To keep up with the newest software updates subscribe to our newsletter below! 

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