How Much Does It Cost to Make a Mobile App?

Mobile App Development Mobile Application Development has quickly become an inseparable part of any business marketing plan. Trends in the business wo...

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Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development has quickly become an inseparable part of any business marketing plan. Trends in the business world have made it virtually necessary for business owners to think about developing an app. Mainly to help connect to customers faster and generate more revenue. Stay trending. No matter the reason, mobile apps offer plenty of benefits. But of course then comes the question of how much is a mobile app going to cost?

This question can be difficult to answer but there are certain factors that can help assess how a development firm charges for applications. Here, we have listed down some important factors that play a crucial role in determining mobile app development prices.

Platform Technology

The first thing that is the most decisive factor for the pricing of a mobile app is the technology. Generally, Android and iPhone apps cost a lot more than Blackberry and Windows apps. This is because Android and iPhone users are unspeakably higher in numbers than blackberry or windows phone users. The prices for the different platforms can vary.  Android and iOS Apps can be between $50K to $100K for a well developed app, while Blackberry apps can be in between $60K to $80K. However, for Windows, it goes up a little to around $80K -$100K.

App Features

Mobile app costs may increase depending upon features that you may want in your app. As an example, we have given you the estimated costs for an app with the following features:

  • Login facility (through social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. or Email ID)
  • Separate Profile for Users / Dashboard
  • Activity Feed
  • Geo Location
  • Sync Across all Devices
  • Camera / Video
  • In-app Purchases
  • Audio / Music
  • Calendar Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • Data Storage / Data Encryption
  • Allowing Users to Rate or Review
  • Connecting App to a Website  
  • Custom Buttons / Custom Transitions / Custom Gestures
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Admin features (which include but not limited to)
    • Approval / Modification / CMS / Reporting / Feedback System / User Administration / Ticketing System etc.

Based on the features given above, the costs calculated for different apps based on platform technology are as follows:

  • Android – $ 60K – $ 500K*
  • Apple iOS – $ 60K – $ 400K*
  • Blackberry – $ 50K – $ 350K*
  • Windows – $ 50K – $ 450K*
*Addition or deletion of new and old features might lead to some change in pricing structure.

How Soon Do You Want to Launch Your App?

Mobile app development is a lengthy process. In fact, development of any app whether small or big may require a good amount of time because a small error can lead to a big failure. Therefore, it is crucial that developers take an ample amount of time in the development process. Generally, for smaller, static or basic mobile apps, 30-45 days is the normal time frame. However, for dynamic and more complicated apps, a minimum of 5-8 months is required for development. In some cases, a year is taken by the app development company for innovative apps. So, your mobile app pricing can also vary based on the amount of time and supply it takes, whether it is a 30-45 day or 5-8 month or more project.

Genuinely speaking, each and every app development company charges based on the timeline and the complexity of the work. However, some do charge on an hourly basis, like we do here at Iblesoft. It all depends on the type of app, its features, complexity etc. 

Post Development Process

Calculating the Costs for Mobile App Updates

Updating your app from time-to-time based on customer response/reviews is always recommended. Most of the time, apps that are dynamic in nature require continuous updates in terms of features. Also, it is important for developers to constantly look for errors or bugs and eliminate them in order to ensure it runs smoothly on all devices. This process of customization and updating post launch will cost some extra bucks and it can also depend upon a timeline. Generally, if your app requires updates once a month or once in six months, then you may pay around $ 100 – $ 300 K. But, if you are looking for annual maintenance, then you may pay around $ 500 K. These charges are typically applied to dynamic apps with complex features. However, as a customer, you can always bargain a little and get these charges altered or pay less (based on app features).

What If I Hire a Freelance Mobile App Developer?

Considering the charges for app development, most companies prefer to hire a freelancer which in one way or the other can be more detrimental for business. Of course, if it is a basic, simple mobile app then it can get designed and developed from a freelance developer (considering freelance app developers may charge considerably less than $50K). However, can you be sure of receiving constant support or professional help from the developer upon completion of the project? Therefore, hiring a professional mobile app development company is always suggested because you can be sure about receiving quality work within your timeline.  

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