5 Effective Marketing Tips to Increase E-Commerce Sales

An eCommerce site without a good marketing strategy is not in a position to gain success. It is imperative for online stores to focus on using the rig...

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An eCommerce site without a good marketing strategy is not in a position to gain success.

It is imperative for online stores to focus on using the right marketing strategies in order to yield better results.

We have listed some marketing tactics that you can employ into your business promotion plans to reach higher a ROI.

1. Boosting an Online Presence with Effective SEO

Getting the site search engine optimized is one of the best marketing strategies for online businesses. SEO places your businesses in an excellent position; on the first page of Google and other search engines. With the right SEO strategies, your customers can find your site with any search related to your products or services. Of course, this would require help from experts with experience in making a site more popular in search engines.

2. Paid Search Engine Advertising

Google advertising such as Pay Per Click and other advertising programs offered by Yahoo, Bing and others make it more possible for business owners to reach out to new customers. If your site is new and you have more time to get it optimized then this your best option. Direct advertising helps your business become more visible at a fraction of a cost. The real challenge lies in managing these types of marketing campaigns in the right way.  If you can find the right team to manage these marketing campaigns then you can certainly gain more out of it.

3. Social Media Advertising

Facebook Adverts, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads among other advertising programs are offered by popular social networking sites to help increase site traffic. The best thing about social media marketing is that you have a way to increase sales in a cost effective way. These type campaigns also require a specialized team. So, hire a reputable social media agency or marketing professionals to advertise your products on social media without creating a hole in your pocket.

There is also an option for entrepreneurs to use social media marketing through personal accounts. Business owners who don’t wish to spend on social media advertising can promote their own products through their personal network of followers in order to grow their customer base.

4. Email Marketing

Sending personalized emails to both old and new customers can increase sales. A well planned email campaign allows businesses to entice their customers and keep them coming back. However, the emails have to be consistent in order to build up loyalty and conversions.

Although keep in mind that blowing up a customer’s inbox with email blasts isn’t an effective strategy. You have to offer value in staying subscribed. So, make sure that the emails you send out are of quality such as important updates or promotions. You can also use email marketing to communicate with customers who have left items in their wish list or abandoned their shopping cart before making a purchase. By reminding these customers that they were once interested in your products and that you haven’t forgotten about them can increase conversion rates. E-mail marketing is then more than just a way to market your business, but also a way to build brand loyalty and improve a customer’s experience.

5. Customer Reviews

Nothing is ever be sold online without trust. It is what fuels every purchasing decision, especially for online stores that don’t offer a “cash on delivery” option.

One of the best ways to build trust is to pay attention to customer feedback and reviews in order to know where to improve.

When purchasing, consumers are more likely to trust personal recommendations than company advertisements. By utilizing customer reviews on social media or product pages, then you’d be increasing its visibility. Using reviews, even the bad ones, can make a customer trust your business. If all your reviews are only good, that’s great, but to some they might seem fake. Therefore, it is key to let your customers give both good and bad reviews so that you and your other customers can gain from them. For this to work, you need a tool to collect reviews from eCommerce channels like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay onto a single widget.

There are other marketing strategies such as Affiliate, Exchange, WOM Marketing and so on that could also help your eCommerce business.

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