The Advantages of Joomla Web Solutions in the Business World

So you want a website…you’ll need to focus on a number of factors before setting up it up. You, as a business owner, will have to focus on...

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So you want a website…you’ll need to focus on a number of factors before setting up it up. You, as a business owner, will have to focus on domain name registration to hosting, designing, presentations, a developmental platform, cost, flexibility, control, quality etc. The most important of all would be selecting the right platform for your corporate presence. Therefore, we are going to discuss the advantages of Joomla web solutions in the business world.

Joomla for Business Owners

Joomla is one of the most dynamic content management systems to provide a great way to develop websites and other powerful web applications. It is user-friendly and provides Joomla developers the option to come up with plenty of web functionalities.

Myriad of Benefits and Features

Joomla is written in PHP for content management and it requires a MySQL database for content storage. However, it certainly wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Joomla has now become the most powerful open source content management system (with WordPress next in line) as preferred by business owners across the globe. This free open source framework or its content publishing system is used for various purposes.

Joomla can be used to develop:

❏      multi-language websites

❏      highly interactive eCommerce sites

❏      innovatory web applications

❏      online communities

❏       media portals

❏       blogs and more

Furthermore, Joomla can offer various advantages for its users. You can read all about them below.

Advantage of Joomla Web Solutions

Easy to update

First of all Joomla makes it easy to update and add new pages of your choice. You can avoid pesky or irking issues and add or delete anything without approaching your developer. Everything can be done with a little learning on your part. Also, intuitive interface helps to a great extent with easy management of content.

Requires no web coding or scripting experience

It is not necessary for you to have knowledge of scripting or coding. Seriously, you don’t have to be a programmer. Using this CMS, you can easily manage everything even if you are a computer novice. But again it takes a little learning however, trust that it can do wonders for you.

Cost-effective way for a corporate presence

Joomla is a web solution for a reason. Mainly because it is one of the most cost-effective ways to set up a website or blog and for web application management. It offers business owners a chance to save dollars for sure.

Schedule your content

Users have the choice to schedule their content too. They can upload content and schedule it for future publications as a way to manage time effectively and be able to focus on other business operations.

Protect your content  & restrict users

Users also have the option of allowing or restricting their web visitors from viewing their content. You can make certain pages viewable only to the people you select. A way you can take advantage of this feature is to let all your visitors view your basic articles but ask them to register for premium content.

Plenty of themes and designs

Joomla has plenty of themes and designs available for its users. Selecting a theme or design that goes perfectly well with your business concept is key. Besides, selecting and modifying the themes can be a piece of cake with Joomla CMS.

Easy migration

Another great advantage is that websites developed in Joomla allow the users to migrate to other servers with no trouble at all.

News feed management

Also take into consideration that users can easily syndicate their content or allow their users to subscribe to their RSS feed.


In addition, Joomla’s websites and portals are 100% secure.

Plenty of extensions or plug-ins

Since Joomla has over 6000+ extensions or in other words, plug-ins users can come up with the most dynamic functionalities to enhance their website or blog.

Advanced Administration

Finally, an administration panel provides users full control over anything. The administrator has the option to assign roles by creating accounts for other individuals.

With that being said, want to get quality Joomla Website Development or eCommerce Development Solutions at a low cost? If “YES” then get in touch with us now. Take advantage of this web solution and our expertise and make your website a success.