The Hottest Trends in Website Design

There is no doubt that the web is consistently or incessantly changing. New ideas bring new changes in website design strategies. These ideas sprout u...

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There is no doubt that the web is consistently or incessantly changing. New ideas bring new changes in website design strategies. These ideas sprout up, grow a little and slowly lose attraction or merge with other new ideas and acquire newness again. Website design seems to have its own life cycle. New design patterns become old with time, other new designs replace the old and continue to trend and so on.  

Let us take a look at the hottest trends in website design that are running the web world of 2016

Mobile Sites

First of all, the increase in growth of smartphones and smartphone users made it compulsory for business owners to develop sites with mobile-friendliness. The trend flared up higher when Google stressed the issue of a mobile-friendly site. As consumers today browse through their smartphones, they prefer sites that they can access on their handy, mobile devices. Businesses that still lack mobile version of their sites are possibly losing out on the competition and smartphone users. Which lets face it, it is the majority of the population.

Designing for Wearable Devices

As the world keeps going more techy day-to-day, businesses that thought a mobile-friendly website was enough are wrong. Now, focusing more on website design strategies for wearable devices is necessary too. Optimizing the design for wearable devices like Google Glasses or Pebble among others is a growing demand.

Simplicity in Design

Simplicity in design is still trending with various single page websites, sites with no scrollable pages, flat designs, minimalistic themes or fixed headers. The concept that simple sites are more mobile-friendly and meet customer expectations have kept the simple site design growth constant. It seems like these sites help win customers more easily. Without tacky designs and simple elegance this type of website design attracts a lot of people.  

Impactful Infographics

Infographics certainly have created a permanent impression on the digital business world. Sites with no infographics look less attractive and do not fully convey the message to visitors. Presenting big talk in colors and images is now considered a smart move. Visitors that may not show interest or have the time to read all that is there about the services so they rather look through the infographics. Since simple, short and appealing pieces of infographics make the information clearer for visitors, hence attracting more of them.

Big Images

Finally, users have access to high-speed internet so designers and developers now show less concern to speed or file size. Due to this upgrade, bigger images will continue to reign in the market of web design and be used to create a more visual impact.

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