Google’s New Enterprise App Maker

Google launched App Maker just a little over a month ago on November 30th and it is already a breakthrough. Specifically, it is a breakthrough in ente...

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Google launched App Maker just a little over a month ago on November 30th and it is already a breakthrough. Specifically, it is a breakthrough in enterprise app development. The App Maker offers convenience, scalability and robustness for developing simple to complex in-house business applications. This low-code tool, blended with drag and drop features promises a great app building experience.

With it, anyone can easily develop their process-based app to help streamline some internal tasks of an organization. Developers with limited knowledge or anyone with no knowledge of coding can piece an enterprise app together. Creating customized business app solutions can be a quite complex process. Hence why the App Maker is a huge breakthrough. It makes a complex task, simpler.

Simple and User-Friendly App Maker 

One of the most challenging aspects of enterprise application development is the knowledge and understanding of difficult coding. Often, business owners have a special team to carry out the app development processes. Moreover, the need to spend time and money on resources escalate the complexity of the development process. But now with the introduction of the app maker, Google has made it possible for G-Suite businesses to take the heavy lifting out of enterprise app development.

This amazing tool by Google is more in line with many other user-friendly software such as Dreamweaver or Adobe. App Maker users can develop an interesting user interface and later populate it with all the data they want to take from G-Suite applications. On the plus side, the cloud-based development environment makes it easy to connect to it. Actually, the App Maker can be used the same way people use Gmail, Google Drive and other Google Products. Enterprises can even use this tool to build a user interface by using the data from Google Contacts and Groups, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive and so on. 

Improving Enterprise Applications

The app-making process can be improved with the addition of scripts and through other HTML, JavaScript and CSS and JQuery Content. They can even be made live and integrated with Google Analytics. 

Competing with the likes of Microsoft and Salesforce

With this, Google has taken itself on a journey to compete with other giants in the market such as Microsoft and Salesforce CRM. They have their own simplified versions of app making tools which are specially geared towards making the app development process more effective and simpler for corporate businesses. 

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