The 5 Best Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2017

There is no doubt that technology has taken us to a place where everything and anything seems possible.It feels amazing to be able to retrieve informa...

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There is no doubt that technology has taken us to a place where everything and anything seems possible.It feels amazing to be able to retrieve information at your finger tips, have thousands of ways to communicate and effectively collaborate on a global scale.

Yet, with all the awesome things technology has brought us, there is a always something better. There’s always something new…something that makes us wonder how far technology can go.

IbleSoft wants to share with you the top five technology trends that have the potential to dominate the year 2017.

This goes out to the all innovators, believers, dreamers and creators of today. Without your ideas we wouldn’t be able to push the limits on technology.

1. IoT (Internet of Things) – Revolutionizing Smart Technology

The concept of IoT (Internet of Things) has already been in the limelight for many years. This technology revolves round enhancing the communication patterns and networked solutions, built on cloud computing for effective data gathering, storage and signaling. It is virtual in its form, but a promising way of instantaneously connecting with the world around us. In 2017 is will probably end up making everything awesome for us from home to the office and everywhere in between.   

Cloud computing and the Internet of Things work together to help everyday objects connect and interact. In 2017, it is predicted that low-power technologies will extend the reach of IoT devices. This can enhance the power or create an alternative to short-range wireless technologies like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

This is quite a huge step in technology because it can ultimately allow hard-to-reach devices to connect to the internet. Not to mention being able to embed objects with chips so they can connect anywhere from urban to rural locations. Cloud Computing and IoT will see a lot of investment in 2017 and it can only be good for all of us.

2. Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

There has already been more in store for AR and VR technology. The year 2016 has made them both big and pushed them to the next best level. We have already seen a large number of companies focusing on VR applications and VR games. The same goes with the AR too. For instance, we saw how much “Pokemon Go” blew up with a recorded 100 million downloads. For 2017 however, both technologies are said to become mainstream.

We will hopefully see AR headsets that just unlike VR headsets that show us a different world, will actually enhance our own world. With that being said, AR will have more of an upbringing in 2017 than VR. The headsets will be made for gaming consoles as well as stand alone products and the results could be pretty awesome.

3. Big Data Technology

Big Data has been a hot topic of discussion for quite a few years now. We have seen big entrepreneurs talking about it and small to mid-sized companies trying to find a way to be more productive in their businesses using the same technology in their own ways. But we think that 2017 is the year that Big Data takes that next step. We will see firms using massive data for marketing purposes, driving insights and tweaking their approaches for better results. Of course, Big Data has its own challenges in storage, management and retrieval. But some of those challenges will be diminished by humanizing big data, in order to project it and manage it in a more visualized and accessible way.

4. Marketing Automation

No business manages to establish a place in the market or solidify its existence and become a leader until or unless it focuses on marketing. With traditional approaches of marketing businesses going out of style, they are making way for new marketing automation techniques. These techniques will be able to simplify and enhance the process of pitching new products and services to clients. Marketing automaton will continue to remain at the forefront and be a crucial part of any business development strategy so its no surprise that it will get special attention in 2017.

5. Artificial Intelligence – The Great Machine Learning Technology

No one can deny that machine learning has really made itself very big in the past few years.  It has taken massive strides forward and its here to stay for years to come. Many big companies have already started investing in the technology to effectively smoothen their operations. Companies like Google, Facebook and others use it. For instance, Google launched RankBrain which is a machine learning ranking system that makes it much easier for the search engine to assess queries and provide the best search results for users. Similarly, NewsFeed by Facebook generates similar news and updates for its users who may stop at particular posts by other members in a group and so on.

Machine learning technologies rely on data. Which is why it can analyze responses based on data and provide answers based on user activity and preferences. In 2017 it is expected that machine learning concept would become more or less an integral part of consumer applications and others and will continue to improve user experience.

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