Finance Company Case Study

Scenario: Finance Trading Company A public finance trading company that gained a 40% profit using an application developed by Iblesoft The Customer Th...

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Scenario: Finance Trading Company

A public finance trading company that gained a 40% profit using an application developed by Iblesoft

The Customer

The client is a well-known public trading Venture Company whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for its shareholders to diversify risk by investing in a fund that invests in high return companies.

Industry: Finance

The Challenge

Automation of the company process, to provide financial security, proper transactions of administrative services and client financial services. Basically, a reporting that could help in:

  1. Controlling the subscription of prospective clients
  2. Providing electronic filing of all clients’ documents, profile information, transactions etc.
  3. Help Desk
  4. Automatic updating of investment amount by users
  5. Accurate calculations of all transactions and working with foreign exchange
  6. Maintaining all the bank’s details and their intermediary bank details for foreign exchange conversion

The client has approached Iblesoft to develop the system to have communication between departments.

The Solution

After thoroughly studying each client department, Iblesoft used the Object-Oriented Development method to build the application.

Iblesoft came up with a user-friendly architecture design.

We divided each roles of functionality into Modules and later integrated the system

  • Core Admin
  • System Administration
  • Personal Information
  • Message Center
  • Accounts/Transactions
  • Reports

Core Admin

  • This allows the admin to enter the other admin access details
  • They can also track logged details

System Administration

  • This is to enter monthly gain percentages of the investment plans
  • To enter messages which should be generated by system on triggered events along with emails

Personal Information

  • Admin can acknowledge the received funds from users
  • Admin/Agent can accept or deny customers after entering their details

Manage Access Levels

  • Administration department, Agents and Customers can communicate mutually with this system


  • Customers can deposit, withdraw, and transfer amounts from their own Investment Plans
  • Customers can view their transaction summary


  • Admin can view all the User Details with different criteria
  • Different Plans Transactions can be tracked, analyzed and can take improvement steps if necessary

The Benefits

  • Communication between Clients, Agents and Admin
  • Account Department load has been reduced
  • Manual calculation have been removed
  • Electronic filing of all User Documents
  • Client customers are able to transfer amount to different plans
  • Client customers can access their online transactions to deposit and withdraw
  • System support credit card payment gateway
  • Attractive Account Summary of all users design
  • Support team is able to respond to customer queries within no time
  • Management team can access the interactive reports
  • Tracking of customer status and funds

For further information, please visit us at www.iblesoft.com