Enhance Your eCommerce App for the Holidays

Mobile app marketing has certainly had a great influence in world of eCommerce. We see small and large e-retailers driving huge sales by promoting the...

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Mobile app marketing has certainly had a great influence in world of eCommerce. We see small and large e-retailers driving huge sales by promoting their eCommerce app. Especially now with the holiday season on, your eCommerce app needs to be ready to meet the needs of all those who love to shop online during the holidays. Of course, it’s safe to assume your competitors will also be pushing deals & enhancing their eCommerce app as well. Therefore, you need to boost your app up a little higher.

According to eMarketer’s holiday sales preview forecast, eCommerce sales will jump 17.2% this holiday season so…

Don’t just deck the halls with boughs of holly this holiday season. It is time to deck your eCommerce app with all kinds of features.

App Design

Revamping or renewing your eCommerce app design can help drive in more sales because customers feel good about change. However, there is no need to come up with a completely new design as this might confuse your existing customers. A little brushing up of your major app features will be just enough.

Focus on all these essential features

  • User Interface Design (should be simple so that your eCommerce app is 100% user-friendly).
  • Navigation (don’t just clutter all the tabs or page links in one place; make navigation easy so users don’t get frustrated).
  • Product Categories (try to provide as much information as possible on your products in order to help convince potential customers).
  • Payment Gateway (let the check-out process and payment process be a piece of cake for your buyers).

Introduce New Services

Let your eCommerce app speak the language of the holiday-lovers by introducing new services or products that can attract them more towards your business.

There’s Nothing like a Good Holiday Deal

Don’t stop at new services or products, introduce new offers or deals for Christmas, Hanukkah, the New Year etc. to attract buyers. Shoppers this season are frantically looking for some exciting deals and offers so take advantage of the opportunity. Come up with something more fascinating and tempting deals for your customers than your competitors and you’ll surely take the lead.

Improve the Loading Time

Online shoppers don’t want to go to actual stores for a reason. They don’t want to wait in long lines, be in jam packed malls, deal with parking or any of the holiday shopping hassle. People who use eCommerce apps to shop are looking for convenience. Part of that convenience is not having to wait to get what they want. So make sure you improve your app’s load time because customers don’t want to be left waiting.
If your app takes more than 7-10 seconds to load, then there’s a higher risk of losing potential customers. Therefore, focus on making the loading speed quick if you want more sales.

To make it load faster, you can:

  • Select a simple / minimal design (a complex design will take more time to load).
  • Use small images / graphics with the right coding.
  • Do not put videos on your homepage (videos take more time to load).
  • Get the app developed from experts who know how an app should be made to handle large traffic volume.

Make Your eCommerce App Device-Friendly

Always remember that your customers might be accessing your app using different devices. So, pay attention to making it more device-friendly. In order for it to be device-friendly, it needs to be able to open up with no difficulty on any device and it should be 100% responsive so it doesn’t look distorted.

We recommend to test, re-test and keep re-testing it to make sure it works perfectly on all devices. Otherwise, you will miss out on a lot of potential buyers. You can always seek help from experts who can make your eCommerce app more responsive across all mobile platforms.

App Chat Features

Your customers sometimes don’t know exactly what they’re looking to buy during the holidays or have questions regarding a product or service. They would certainly appreciate if you pitch in and offer chat services. An app chat feature helps build strong rapport within your customer base and ultimately increase sales. With an in-built live-chat feature, you also have a better opportunity make a great impression on your users.

Attractive Notifications

Notifying customers about new deals and offers, seasonal sales and other interesting things to attract their attention really does help increasing sales a lot. An even better tactic is making the notification run a countdown so they feel more tempted to buy the product/service on the spot.

Sit back and drink some eggnog this holiday season while we make your eCommerce app holiday-ready for you!

We have the team of expert eCommerce app developers who can turn your e-App into a great revenue builder.

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