Credit Report Application Case Study

Scenario: Credit Report Application An excellent credit report application that is user-friendly with easy navigation and custom reports The Customer ...

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Scenario: Credit Report Application

An excellent credit report application that is user-friendly with easy navigation and custom reports

The Customer

First of all, the full service firm we worked with is designed to help clients correct errors that appear on their credit report.

Additionally, the business wants to provide a credit report that includes a client’s credit history information accompanied by a description of each score and suggestions on how customers can increase his or her rating.

Industry: Credit Reporting

The Challenge

The application should have forms to enter the client information and should generate the final summary report to clients.

Also, schedule a letter generated to clients that should have a separate user login for admin, client and brokers to access the related functionality.

  1. The administrator should create the users and add/edit/delete all client credit related forms
  2. Client should view their summary credit report
  3. Broker should enter the client’s information

The Solution

Since the system involved complicated business logic, Iblesoft used OOP architecture to build the system.

The following forms were developed to enter client details, track credit reports and generate client summary reports.

  • Add client: Adding a new client/customer
  • A.K.A.: “Also Known As” feature to keep track of a client’s alias
  • Employment: to keep track of the client’s employment history
  • Inquiries: to keep track of client credit inquiries
  • Address: to keep track of different address used by clients
  • Dispute: to keep track of any dispute a client has
  • Summary: gives summary information of the client’s current status from their credit history
  • Collection: enables the clerk to specify if the client has a public record/collection
  • Client List: lists out all the clients with tracking/ to do list of things by date. This screen is basically for the clerks to handle day-to-day operations & close a client’s case.
  • Tracking/Log: this functionality is applicable to all the above modules. Each and every action of the users needs to be tracked and stored in a database. Only the administrator of the site can view the log section.

Creditors Information Input to Clients

      T: Refers to Trans Union

      E: Refers to Equi-Fax

      X: Refers to Experian

Admin Panel:

Hence, the administrator of the site can login to his area and should be in a position to do the following tasks…

Manage Access Levels

This section would allow the administrator to add users/sub-admin to the system (clerks, clients, brokers etc.)

Once users have been allotted a username and a password, the admin would then define their access levels on the system.

Also, the admin would be in apposition to edit/delete/disable the account from this section as well.

Manage Users

This section would list all the registered users on the website. Additionally, by clicking on the user name, it would list the detailed information about each user.

Furthermore, the admin would be able to block/un-block user access

Log Section

In the log section of the site an administrator can sort by date, client name, and actions performed in the site (edit/delete/add etc.)

Manage Letters

This section will help the admin to create / edit new letter formats. As a result, the created letters will show up on the disputes page.

The admin will also have full rights to add/edit/delete the details

Manage Reasons

Finally, this section will help the admin to create / edit new reasons. As a result, the reasons will show up on the disputes page.

The Benefits

  • Client can have around 25,000 client’s information in a database
  • Easy to track the clients credit information
  • Flexible reporting system
  • Easy to generate letter using system
  • User-friendly summary reports
  • Secure system
  • Quick access
  • Easy navigation between forms
  • Customized letter generation

For further information, please visit us at www.iblesoft.com